Reavers Session Summaries

Welcome to the tales of adventure of the Reavers on the Seas of Fate, the scurviest bunch of bilge rats to ever threaten a coastline!  Thanks to our session scribes – first Bruce, then Chris – for putting in most of the work here.  I also link my blog posts where I discuss each adventure from the DM’s point of view.

Season One – “Shadows in Riddleport”

First Session (12 page pdf), “Maiden Voyage” – The characters, still lowly seamen, meet for the first time upon a poorly-disciplined ship, the Albers, bound to Riddleport from Kintargo.  With women on board and gambling and fighting allowed, it’s only a matter of time till the captain turns up dead, filling the crew with mutual suspicion, and then a mysterious ship comes out of the fog… [blog post]

Second Session (15 page pdf), “Tale of the Sea Bear” – Insanity and chaos reigns as the crew of the Albers investigates the derelict ship Sea Bear.  Soon, they are turning their suspicions against each other.  And then, things get out of hand.  The ghost ship and the PCs compete to rack up the greatest number of friendly kills.   Later, the survivors struggle against the uncaring sea and the fury of random encounters! [blog post]

Third Session (12 page pdf), “Water Stop” – The crew of the Albers goes foraging on an island to replenish their stores, and comes across some escaped slaves.  Of course, the Chelaxian naval frigate bearing their (and Ox’s) former owner arrives shortly thereafter.  Just as they discover a goblin pirate ship!  It results in a hot three-way naval boarding action.  And then it’s off to Riddleport at last!  [blog post]

Fourth Session (11 page pdf), “Cheat the Devil and Take His Gold” – Our now ex-sailors avail themselves at length of the booze, whores, and gambling of Riddleport.  They take part in the “Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold” tournament at the Gold Goblin gambling hall, thwart a robbery, and become junior partners in the joint with Tommy’s buddy Saul Vancaskerkin.  [blog post]

Fifth Session (11 page pdf), “St. Casperian’s Salvation” – Michael Vick, eat your heart out.  The PCs start off by arranging one of the Gold Goblin’s trademark underground animal fights.  The NPC ranger, Bojask, got a diseased bear off the back of a ship somewhere, and their boss Saul wanted a championship match with the current champ, Pigsaw the boar.  Then they decide a random rumor from some boozer on the street about treasure hidden below a homeless shelter bears investigation.  Vincenz is staying at the shelter, which is a pleasant surprise, as is a criminal gang, which is an unpleasant one.  No treasure though. [blog post]

Sixth Session (14 page pdf), “Three Days to Kill” – One of Clegg Zincher’s capps, Braddikar Faje, is headed out of town on the road to Roderic’s Cove to conduct some kind of sale at a villa in the hills.  Jacking up Zincher’s day is more than enough motivation for Saul to send our favorite scum off to break up the deal.  They spend a lot of their subsequent time in the woods fleeing from various mutated wildebeests.  [blog post]

Seventh Session (14 page pdf), “Death in Riddleport, Part I” – Crimelord Avery Slyeg makes the PCs an offer they can’t refuse, so they hunt down the Splithog Pauper (the leader of the criminal gang from “St. Casperian’s Salvation”).  And they look for their kidnapped friend Vincenz – rubbing elbows with Cyphermages requires them to clean up a bit.  The practical and moral dilemmas get harder as they work to rescue their friend.  [blog post]

Eighth Session (14 page pdf), “Death in Riddleport, Part II” – The PCs find a hidden temple under an abandoned house and engage in vicious combat with serpent men!  “Sorry, Vincenz, but that’s too tough!” they conclude after a couple runs at it. [blog post]

Ninth Session (15 page pdf), “Holiday In The Sun/Flat On Rat Street” – The characters help Saul celebrate Swagfest in the streets of Riddleport, and there’s a startling amount of violence.  Then, they go to a local moneylender to find out what happened to the bar’s floor manager… and there’s a startling amount of violence.  [blog post]

Tenth Session (11 page pdf), “Death in Riddleport, Part III” – Samaritha’s gone missing, and the PCs track her to – yes, you guessed it – the serpent temple.  Along with a new friend, they hit the place hard, and there’s no retreating this time. [blog post]

Eleventh Session (10 page pdf), “Mansion of Shadows, Part I” – After the PCs kill Jasker Gant, one of crime lord Boss Croat’s lieutenants, they decide to go on the lam for a while.  They get “loaned out” by Saul to Captain Clap of the pirate ship Wandering Dagger, who has a little job for them.  Also, the triumphal return of Thalios Dondrel, son of Mordekai! [blog post]

Twelfth Session (12 page pdf), “Mansion of Shadows, Part II” – The PCs hang out with a Chelish noble family for a while, and witness depths of degeneration that make even hardened criminals from Riddleport uncomfortable.  After a long night of sneaking around the mansion and fleeing from horrid things, they lure the eldest son out to the forest and whack him. [blog post]

Thirteenth Session (16 page pdf), “Mansion of Shadows, Part III” – The inevitable holocaust of violence descends on Staufen Manor.  At the Asmodean funeral for the eldest son, the PCs decide it’s time to wipe out the whole family – but the priest is ready for them with summoned devils.  Simultaneously, the pirates assault the island!  The fledgling pirates carefully decide who to rape and kill and who to protect from the raping and killing.  Who gets it?  Read and find out!  [blog post]

Fourteenth Session (11 page pdf), “Booty in Riddleport” – Naval combat!  The PCs’ pirate ship is attacked by a Chelish navy vessel.  They escape from them, take a nice plump merchant ship as a prize, and make their way back to Riddleport.  The next couple weeks are a blur of loot, booze, hookers, drugs, and recreational violence. [blog post]

Fifteenth Session (10 page pdf), “Terror in Riddleport” – The PCs get led into a deathtrap, the serpent temple is back in business, Avery Slyeg gets assassinated, the PCs get framed for it, the Gold Goblin is attacked, and Sindawe beats up Bojask for kicks!  It’s an action packed session where death lurks around every corner. [blog post]

Sixteenth Session (13 page pdf) – “The Sitdown” – A meeting of all Riddleport’s crimelords is held and Saul and the PCs are invited.  Saul is given Avery Slyeg’s empty seat at the table and they engage in negotiations with Riddleport’s other “serious people” and their demented minions.  It seems like things go well, except when they get sent on a simple message-delivery mission afterward, it’s a trap! [blog post]

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Sessions (14 page pdf) – “Fleeing Riddleport” and “Beyond the Towers” – In this special double summary, the PCs flee Riddleport with shadows, gendarmes, and half-orc enforcers on their heels.  Samaritha suddenly comes out with a whole bunch of information about how they need to go to an ancient ruin deep inland in Varisia called Viperwall.  The PCs are suspicious, but go anyway.  The trip is pleasant, and an old voodoo mambo living in the swamp gives them some aid.  Then, it’s into the ancient trap-infested ruins of a lost culture! [blog post]

Nineteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “Viperwall” – The ancient human ruins give way to even more ancient serpentfolk ruins.  And a shadow-cursed high priest of that race asks Serpent for help!   Traps, shadows, demons, and ancient artifacts abound, but there is nothing more dangerous than another PC.  Check out the hot PvP action in this installment.  [blog post]

Twentieth Session (10 page pdf) – “The Lower Temple” – As the party continues to wind deeper into the ancient serpentfolk temple beneath Viperwall, there’s investigation, puzzles, and loads of undead threat.  Then the group faces the avatar of the semi-dead god Ydersius.  Death looms near for our favorite Ulfen snake lover… [blog post]

Twenty-first Session (9 page pdf) – “Voodoo Man” – As the party departs the ruins of Viperwall, the voodoo bokor Glapion catches up with them.  He summons forces from the spirit world to destroy them; in an epic battle they defeat him by main force and a little voodoo of their own.  Then it’s back to Magnimar where they meet up with some old friends!  [blog post]

Twenty-second Session (11 page pdf) – “A Dreadful Dawn” – After a daring and violent escape from Magnimar and the Hellknights, the party goes to find the cursed son of a dead pirate to get the secret to entering the smuggler’s caves under the Riddleport Light.  When they find him running an inn near Korvosa, however, they have to contend with a squad of cultists conducting a nighttime slaughter off the staff and patrons!  If only they weren’t all so drunk… [blog post]

Twenty-third Session (10 page pdf) – “The Baneful Depths” – Jaren the Jinx wants his arm back, so the party accompanies him to a dungeon his pirate father sometimes used to stash treasure.  Random encounter chart – 01-25: serpent chickens; 26-50: rape bugs; 51-75: bad dogs; 76-00 women! [blog post]

Twenty-fourth Session (9 page pdf) – “Throwdown With the Arm-Ripper” – The party works their way through the ruined complex to an ancient druidic shrine, only to meet two of Jaren’s old friends – a witch and the Arm-Ripper!  Is Jaren’s missing arm a coincidence?  Hint: no! [blog post]

Twenty-fifth Session (8 page pdf) – “Return to Madness” – First, a bunch of goblins attacks our brave heroes’ genital regions.  Then, they sail back to Riddleport, where the re-dedication of the Riddleport Light is set to begin.  It’s into Black Dog’s caves and thence to the lighthouse!  But as you’d suspect, it’s not going to be that easy.  [blog post]

Twenty-sixth Session (8 page pdf) – “Black Dog’s Caves” – The haunting is thick in the sea caves used by infamous pirate Black Dog to hide his treasure.  Last time, the group fought Redlegs his first mate (now a dread allip); this time they face the ghost of Black Dog himself!  And huge chests of loot hang in the balance! [blog post]

Twenty-seventh Session (11 page pdf) – “Rumble in the Wizard’s Tower” – It’s a mixed field of angels, demons, and ghosts as the PCs sweep and clear the Riddleport Light looking for an evil ritual.  I mean, an evil ritual besides the ones they are performing. That’s a big Twinkie. [blog post]

Twenty-eighth Session (13 page pdf) – “Madness in Riddleport” – The PCs confront Elias Tammerhawk and his evil ritual in an epic battle atop the Riddleport Light.  But that’s nothing compared to the secrets they uncover after they are sucked into the spirit world!  Will Riddleport, and our Reavers, survive?  Find out in the grand finale of the first season of Reavers on the Seas of Fate! [blog post]

Season Two – “Eros and Thanatos”

First Session (14 page pdf) – “After the Flood” – Riddleport is rocked by a tsunami and the PCs find love and danger in the aftermath.  And then there’s unexplained murders and Salvadora of the God Squad calls in her marker for the PCs to help investigate.  It’s Katrina horror time in the kickoff of our second season of Reavers on the Seas of Fate! [blog post]

Second Session (11 page pdf) – “Carrion Hill” – The PCs discover that a cult seeking forbidden knowledge from beyond got more than they bargained for and have unleashed eldritch horror upon Riddleport.  It’s a race through the flooded streets of Riddleport to see who can murder everyone involved first! [blog post]

Third Session (9 page pdf) – “The Stink” – As they seek the cultists who summoned the creature, the PCs head into the city’s garbage dump, freshly stirred by the tsunami, and discover some wonderful smells, as well as a friendly neighborhood serial killer! [blog post]

Fourth Session (10 page pdf) – “The Rotgut Ripper” – When strange and virulent diseases affect the PCs, their hunt becomes more deadly as it becomes clear their quarry is hunting them in turn. Will they be added to the Rotgut Ripper’s sick collection of trophies, or is an even worse fate incubating under the Stink? [blog post]

Fifth Session (15 page pdf) – “Sex, Death, Gods, and Demons”  – [WARNING: Adult Content] The PCs race to kill the last Keeper before the horror from the Dark Tapestry destroys Riddleport. But that’s not the greatest foe they face, as it turns out sex is the deadliest weapon of all. [blog post]

Sixth Session (10 page pdf) – “Race for the Devil” – Elias Tammerhawk’s ship has been sighted at the Devil’s Elbow, and a pirate crew has retrieved some interesting artifacts from the site. Everyone wants to get there, but Riddleport’s mighty short on boats. The PCs decide to gamble on a one way ticket – but a one way ticket to where? [blog post]

Seventh Session (14 page pdf) – “Children of the Void” – Rescued from an island in the Varisian Gulf by a friendly ship, the PCs make it to the Devil’s Elbow and find the place under siege. They try to rescue the Cyphermage contingent on the island and end up needing rescuing themselves. [blog post]

Eighth Session (8 page pdf) – “The Devil’s Elbow” – The PCs make some unlikely allies as they brave a remote island seemingly inhabited by beings from beyond time and space. [blog post]

Ninth Session (10 page pdf) – “Architects of Ruin” – An assault on some hidden caves goes drastically wrong and half the party is captured by various miscreants. Pirates! Ghosts! Guns! Orca! Explosions! Gates to other worlds! Thrill to the hard-hitting action. [blog post]

Tenth Session (7 page pdf) – “Sign of the Void” – A shadow demon tries to claim the PCs’ allegiance and takes rejection poorly. But their rune-markings unlock odd new weapons that prove most efficacious against the phantoms he unleashes from beyond the dark gate. Will they work as well againt Clegg Zincher and cannon shot? They find out! [blog post]

Eleventh Session (13 page pdf) – “Teeth of Araska” – A Shackles pirate ship led by the infamous Captain Grudge decides the PCs look like tasty prey. Will they be victims or victors? [blog post]

Twelfth Session (12 page pdf) – “Water Stop 2” – In our first sequel, the PCs need crew for their new ship, and remember the island of freed slaves from Water Stop (Season One, Third Session). They head there to recruit! Naturally, it’s not that easy. [blog post]

Thirteenth Session (16 page pdf) – “Shatterhull Island” – The PCs follow a treasure map to the wreck of the Sandspider. But who will plunder who’s booty? Only time will tell… [blog post]

Fourteenth Session (11 page pdf) – “Return to Riddleport” – Extracting the Teeth of Araska from its precarious harbor at Shatterhull Island is difficult, and becomes more difficult when some merrow show up to the party. [blog post]

Fifteenth Session (13 page pdf) – “Shadows Over Riddleport” – The PCs get back to Riddleport at long last with their new ship and spoils, but it’s not all booze and broads – the phantoms from the Devil’s Elbow are here too! [blog post]

Sixteenth Session (14 page pdf) – “The Cypher Lodge” – Looks like the phantoms have taken over the Cypher Lodge, and the PCs have to throw down with Thorgrim and some old friends. [blog post]

Seventeenth Session (15 page pdf) – “Press Gang” – As usual, a little bit of time in port results in the PCs really tearing it up. A whole long session, and no real fights, but it’s not slow, with two beatings, several sexual escapades, organized crime activity, shopping, drinking, jail time… [blog post]

Eighteenth Session (12 page pdf) – “The Fishwife’s Lament” – The motley crew of the Teeth of Araska heads to sea, and immediately decides that they are on a search and destroy mission for every random encounter ever! And then, they meet the dreaded fishwife. [blog post]

Nineteenth Session (27 page pdf) – “A Pirate’s Life For Me” – More time at sea; the crew gets into the pirate spirit and wavecrawls the hell out of the region. Vikings! Whales! Dead Vikings! Dead whales! Mass hysteria! [blog post]

Twentieth Session (18 page pdf) – “From Shore To Sea” – The crew drops into the village of Blackcove to check in on their old buddy Jaren the Jinx. Apparently his jinxiness has gone nuclear as tentacle horror erupts. [blog post]

Twenty-first Session (18 page pdf) – “Monster Island” – Their ship missing in action, the crew heads to the nearby island of Nal-Kashel, which bears Azlanti ruins of the “demented World of Warcraft” design school. Then the mutation comes. [blog post]

Twenty-second Session (19 page pdf) – “Monster Island, Part 2” – It goes from bad to worse on the ruined Azlanti islands; the number of living pirates is going down while the mutations and insanities of the survivors increase. And then a huge spiderlike monstrosity appears standing right next to you. [blog post]

Twenty-third Session (23 page pdf) – “Monster Island, Part 3” – The pirate command staff messes with an arcane Azlanti orrery. And then they go into what they are pretty sure is the bowels of some vast beast.  And Jaren the Jinx returns! [blog post]

Twenty-fourth Session (17 page pdf) – “From Sea to Shore” – Below the Azlanti island of Nal-Kashel, the crew comes across an ancient evil. Well, three, if you count their girlfriends. They’ve had it with having to fight them time and time again, and they come up with a drastic solution! [blog post]

Season Three – “Et In Arcadia Ego”

First Session (17 page pdf) – “Reavers of the Coast” – The group decides to embrace their piracy and raid the little Chelish logging town of Hollobrae. But can they live with the results? [blog post]

Second Session (15 page pdf) – “Tammeraut’s Fate” – The  Teeth of Araska crosses the Arcadian Ocean headed for Azlant, and finds an abandoned monastery on Firewatch Island, the first major waypoint in the islands. What’s going on? [blog post]

Third Session (17 page pdf) – “Reindeer Games” – Survivors are found in the monastery! And then, it’s John Carpenter’s “The Fog” time as waterlogged zombies besiege the place. [blog post]

Fourth Session (10 page pdf) – “Zombie Proof” – as if zombie barbarians and zombie Red Mantis assassins aren’t enough, the crew ventures beneath the waves to the wreck of the Tammeraut, following their own fates.  [blog post]

Fifth Session (15 page pdf) – “Island Tour” – The Teeth of Araska crawls through the sunken spires of lost Azlant looking for Morgann Baumann and the Black Bunyip.  And one crew member falls to MURDER! But a new and unusual  member joins the crew. [blog post]

Sixth Session (12 page pdf) – “Quest for Azlant” – The crew sees some hot action against the Mordant Spire Elves as they fight a skimmer to the bitter end. Then they investigate the weird dangers of Azlant, finally arriving at the Sun Temple Colony. [blog post]

Seventh Session (12 page pdf) – “The Sun Temple Colony” – The crew finds the lost Andoran colony built atop an Azlanti ruin.  They fall in with religious extremists as an Azlanti artifact nearly burns their ship to the waterline! Then they start poking around the island. [blog post]

Eighth Session (14 page pdf) – “Cultists, Guns, and Money” – The line between friend and foe grows ever more slim and tenuous as the crew trades with a hermit and his killbot, fights some Sun Colonists and saves others, and are maybe betrayed by yet another… [blog post]

Ninth Session (9 page pdf) – “Torches In The Night” – The crew hangs out with a friendly member of the Sun Temple Colony, but their head priest decides to just burn them all out. Then it’s time to mess with Azlanti quicksilver grave/study aids. [blog post]

Tenth Session (12 page pdf) – “Graveyard of the Masters” – Below the Azlanti graveyard lies a hidden temple to Zura. The crew fights their way through undead clerics around the blood moat until they meet – a skull-faced stripper? [blog post]

Eleventh Session (17 page pdf) – “Rana Mor” – Though they pretend to look down on vampire strippers, the crew still does what this one bids them. They penetrate to the heart of the temple and kill the ancient undead high priest. Now they shall claim their just reward. [blog post]

Twelfth Session (11 page pdf) – “Tower of the Vampire Queen” – Collecting their reward from a crazy evil vampire stripper takes a while. Then, they decide it’s time to clean up Lefty’s act at a most inopportune time. [blog post]

Thirteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Dreams of Conquest” – The crew and Xiola hatch a plan to get control of the Celestial Lens.  They get the outcast colony on board and create a battle plan that doesn’t involve them all getting wiped out. [blog post]

Fourteenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Civil War” – The crew sponsors a coup of the cultist leadership and organizes a battle with most factions of the island mobilized against each other. Meanwhile they plan to kill the village priest and get the Lens control item.  They can handle two CR 12’s and some trash mobs right? [blog post]

Fifteenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Civil War, Part 2” – We cover the mass combat that happened in the background last time.  The New World Order is put into place. And Lil is kidnapped by the vampire stripper! [blog post]

Sixteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “Lair of the Vampire” – It’s back to Rana Mor to retrieve Lavender Lil from the clutches of the vampiress. I leave it up to the players how much sex and violence there will be.  Hint: Lots! [blog post]

Seventeenth Session (11 page pdf) – “Kill All Vampires!” – The vampire crypt keeps the pirates occupied for a while, and finally they finish up at the Sun Temple Colony and set out to hunt down Morgan Baumann. [blog post]

Eighteenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Capture of the Black Bunyip” – The crew of the Araska finds out that Morgan Baumann has set an ambush for them. “What’s the plan?” “Let’s get ’em!” It’s touch and go and many a gold Infamy Point coin is spent. Who leaves the crew on this very special episode of Reavers on the Seas of Fate? [blog post]

Nineteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “The Long Voyage Home” – The Teeth of Araska and captured Black Bunyip sail through the hazards of sunken Azlant. And a second chance encounter with the Fishwife ends up with a high body count. [blog post]

Twentieth Session (9 page pdf) – “A Dish Best Served Cold” – Escaped sorceress Daphne brings back some Mordant Spire elves for revenge on the PCs, and by “some” I mean “four ships full.” The Teeth of Araska and Black Bunyip  fight for their lives against an ambush on the high seas. [blog post]

Twenty-first Session (7 page pdf) – “An Unusual Route” – The Araska and Bunyip decide to stop in at Hermea to refit. They get a little bonus.  [blog post]

Twenty-second Session (8 page pdf) – “Regeneration Run” – The crew puts together an extra gimpy away team to head to the shrine on Argavist Island. But a pair of ambushes reveals a greater threat than the island usually holds! [blog post]

Twenty-third Session (10 page pdf) – “Ill Luck on Argavist Isle” – As the pirates prepare to flee, the Witch of the Darkpines and her werewolf minions show up and present the PCs with their position – between a rock and a hard place. [blog post]

Twenty-fourth Session (13 page pdf) – “The Wicked and the Maimed” – It’s back into the dungeons from Season One, Twenty-Third Session! This time it’s full of wrathspawn pirates. As usual, when they have a small landing party with NPC pirates along, it is hilarious. [blog post]

Twenty-fifth Session (13 page pdf) – “Wrath of the Lost” – It’s deeper in to the shrine to regenerate people’s lost parts. The pit of flesh-eating locusts they bypassed neatly last visit becomes quite the encounter – think Nic Cage from The Wicker Man.  “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” [blog post]

Twenty-sixth Session (16 page pdf) – “The Cursed Earth” – The group hacks their way through frisky vegetation and use the druidic shrine to regenerate everyone’s missing parts! And then their relations with the local werewolves break down. But in the end… It’s back to Riddleport! [blog post]

Season Four – “Family Matters”

First Session (22 page pdf) – “There’s No Place Like Home” – the PCs return to Riddleport at long last! Time to dispose of booty, buy goodies, and drink much booze while re-acclimating to life on land. [blog post]

Second Session (18 page pdf) – “A Birth and a Death in Riddleport” – Samaritha finally comes to term serpentfolk style and the crew entertain themselves by fighting in Zincher’s arena, but then they find one of their long-time crewmates murdered! [blog post]

Third Session (13 page pdf) – “Murder Avenged” – Tracking down their crewmate’s killers lead the command crew into an assassins’ trap! But killing is where they’re Vikings. [blog post]

Fourth Session (16 page pdf) – “Family, Worship, and Business” – Sam and Serpent’s egg is coming along nicely while Sindawe and Hatshepsut visit an orc bar and get more than they bargained for. Finally, they protect some Cyphermages while negotiating with orcish pirates.  Just another day in the life! [blog post]

Fifth Session (21 page pdf) – “Patching In” – More business on the streets of Riddleport; beating up locals, recruiting new pirates, plotting and scheming… And it is capped off with a pirate party to end all pirate parties! [blog post]

Sixth Session (9 page pdf) – “Dark Wings Over Riddleport” – The celebration grows toward “Project X” levels but is interrupted by a sinister old guy with a “message” from an old enemy. And raven swarms, don’t forget the raven swarms. [blog post]

Seventh Session (11 page pdf) – “Nip and Tuck” – The Teeth of Araska limps away from port and tangles violently with both privateers and venereal disease. Each takes its own toll. [blog post]

Eighth Session (13 page pdf) – “Treachery Island” – One of their new recruits suckers the Teeth of Araska into a nasty ambush! After a bumper crop of burials at sea, they go make friends with a Nisrochi necromancer in order to get traveling papers in-country. [blog post]

Ninth Session (13 page pdf) – “Maw of Shadows” – The Araska docks in Nisroch and is treated to the horrors of Nidal first hand, from the sadistic to the sartorial. Luckily, there’s one friendly face there waiting for them! [blog post]

Tenth Session (13 page pdf) – “Fat Ghoul Brings Bad Luck” – The PCs head into mainland Nidal to seek out Wogan’s sister.  The trip starts out well but is disrupted by a whole mess of ghouls – and an undead Hellknight! [blog post]

Eleventh Session (9 page pdf) – “Heart of Darkness” – A chance encounter with a pair of Nidalese shadowcallers chasing some tiefling fugitives goes bad. Shallow graves are dug… [blog post]

Twelfth Session (13 page pdf) – “Vale of Tears” – The pirates reach the Vale of Karpad in Nidal, to find a plague, racism, and intrigue. [blog post]

Thirteenth Session (11 page pdf) – “Darkness and Secrets” – Investigation in the plague-ridden town reveals that everyone has secrets… Some are more immediately fatal than others. [blog post]

Fourteenth Session (11 page pdf) – “The Candle Is Snuffed” – The plague is revealed to have a sinister, more shadowy nature, and a visit to the local candle-shop turns gruesome. [blog post]

Fifteenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Casting Shadows” – The proximate cause of the plague is revealed, and it’s… Samaritha?!? [blog post]

Sixteenth Session (13 page pdf) – “Painted Shadows” – Ansar’s paintings hide a dark secret; Wogan’s sister and nephew are kidnapped by the evil that lies on the other side of the Midnight Mirror. [blog post]

Seventeenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Beyond The Midnight Mirror” – The pirates venture into the Shadow Realm beyond the Midnight Mirror to rescue Wogan’s kin. [blog post]

Eighteenth Session (12 page pdf) – “Shadowland” – The shadowy version of Boroi Manor is full of horrors. But they find Wogan’s sister and nephew! [blog post]

Nineteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “No Substance But Horror” – The party finally finds the bosses of shadow Boroi Manor – and are promptly defeated and enslaved. But maximum kill always finds a way! [blog post]

Twentieth Session (9 page pdf) – “Interview With A Vampire” – While heading to the Atteran Ranches to hunt them a froghemoth, the group comes across a lone figure at night. Unsurprisingly, hijinks ensue. [blog post]

Twenty-first Session (9 page pdf) – “Lions and Tigers and Froghemoths, Oh My!” – The group tracks down their promised froghemoth and set up a blind to lie in wait for it. Of course, it’s already lying in wait for them. [blog post]

Twenty-second Session (11 page pdf) – “A Narrow Escape” – The pirates finally get back to Nisroch and their ship; the Araska and the Dagger had a successful voyage. They are gathering up their crew when White Estrid’s fleet of longships hits. A bloodbath ensues, shattering the usual silence of Nisroch. [blog post]

Twenty-third Session (8 page pdf) – “On The Road Again” – The Teeth of Araska and Wandering Dagger take to the sea lanes to raid Chelaxian shipping! They take a prize, but are harried by fish-men. [blog post]

Twenty-fourth Session (6 page pdf) – “It Was Nice While It Lasted” – The pirates ply the sea lanes, until a derelict ship is revealed to be a Chelish trap! [blog post]

Twenty-fifth Session (13 page pdf) – “A Stacked Deck” – the Teeth of Araska and the Wandering Dagger grapple with the Chelaxian frigate Dominator and its Hellknight contingent for their very lives. And two more suspicious characters escape from the enemy’s brig during the fray, a Mwangi man and a half-elven woman. [blog post]

Twenty-sixth Session (11 page pdf) – “Deepmar Prison Blues” – The Wandering Dagger was destroyed and the Teeth of Araska badly damaged in the fight with the Dominator. They decide to put in at a nearby prison colony to refit (and maybe recruit) – but the place is strangely abandoned! They start repairs and investigate. [blog post]

Twenty-seventh Session (10 page pdf) – “Jailhouse Rock” – Their investigation of the abandoned prison site uncovers some oddities, like the forgetfulness the sole survivor shows. They head out to investigate the mine sites, but run afoul of the local wildlife. [blog post]

Twenty-eighth Session (8 page pdf) – “Chain Gang” – They thwart an ambush by little blue freaks, aka derro! Down in a crystal mine, the pirates uncover their bizarre experiments. [blog post]

Twenty-ninth Session (9 page pdf) – “Derros and Derangements” – As the pirates continue to explore the derro caves beneath the prison colony, they find a derro alchemist with a cornucopia of bizarre experiments he is only more than happy to unleash upon them. [blog post]

Thirtieth Session (20 page pdf) – “R&R On Deepmar” – The command crew finish liberating fungus-mutated prisoners from the derro warrens beneath Deepmar. [blog post]

Thirty-first Session (20 page pdf) – “Leaving Deepmar” –  The crew tears up the prison colony on their version of shore leave while the party investigates every part of the island that might contain something to impale themselves on. And Wogan may have gotten married. [blog post]

Thirty-second Session (21 page pdf) – “Old Flames, False Promises” – The Teeth of Araska returns for a second raid on Staufendorf Island. But the locals there remember them… Perhaps over-fondly. [blog post]

Thirty-third Session (12 page pdf) –  “Old Flames, False Promises Part II” – The pirate crew fights their way through Staufendorf Manor, finding grotesque secrets along the way. [blog post]

Thirty-fourth Session (11 page pdf) –  “Old Flames, False Promises Part III” – Cut to the Teeth of Araska, where a daemon tries its level best to sink the ship while it’s manned by a skeleton crew. Then, the town is looted! And while making their escape, the pirates see a prize too tempting to pass up… [blog post]

Thirty-fifth Session (10 page pdf) – “The Empress’ Hand” – A fat Chelish merchant ship beached on a sandbar proves a difficult prize, as there’s limited time to board, best, and loot it before the Chelish Navy shows up! [blog post]

Season Five – “Sailing to the Edge of the World”

First Session (13 page pdf) -“King Xeros of Old Azlant” – With a hold full of loot and way too many women on board, the crew of the Teeth of Araska is rescued from their burgeoning soap opera by the appearance of a weird, crystal ship that just cries out to be boarded! [blog post]

Second Session (6 page pdf) – “King Xeros of Old Azlant, Part II” – Alien lobster men beset the pirates as they tamper with Things Men Were Not Meant To Know aboard the planar ship King Xeros. But, they end up with a new Rahadoumi friend! [blog post]

Third Session (13 page pdf) – “Ra-ha-DOOM!” – A layover in Azir, also known as Port Godless, gets complicated when some of the crew are sold into slavery. A mix of diplomacy, wealth, and violence is used to solve their problems. [blog post]

Fourth Session (13 page pdf) – “Ra-ha-DOOM! Part II” – Planning, a hard boiled egg eating contest, and a prisoner escape – Port Godless has everything! [blog post]

Fifth Session (9 page pdf) – “The Way South” – The crew finishes up their business and intelligence gathering in Azir and set sail to Mediogalti Island.  Along the way they pick up a castaway and a strange sea dragon begins picking off crewmen! [blog post]

Sixth Session (8 page pdf) – “Finding Ilizmagorti” – Betrayal and gnomes go hand in hand as their castaway reveals his dark secret. Then it’s all storms and sea-whores as they sail southward. [blog post]

Seventh Session (10 page pdf) – “Ilizmagorti” – The home of the Red Mantis assassins! But fear turns quickly to drinking. And safaris! Shimye-Magalla commands her faithful to recover a holy artifact… [blog post]

Eighth Session (8 page pdf) – “The Sea Queen’s Pearl” – A trek overland to a pirate hideout, and then it’s pirate on pirate murder as they storm a rival captain’s redoubt! [blog post]

Ninth Session (12 page pdf) – “The Sea Queen’s Pearl, Part II” – While they are making their escape, the crew encounters their own Jurassic Park. Once they return, it’s all shopping and celebration and planning for their voyage south to reclaim a secret Chelaxian superweapon! [blog post]

Tenth Session (11 page pdf) – “The Eye of the Storm” – The pirates take on a skald and set off through the Eye of Abendego, which tests their mettle as sailors harshly – and Samaritha is lost overboard when a waterspout hits! [blog post]

Eleventh Session (10 page pdf) – “The Key To War Machine, Part I” – The pirates brave the Sodden Lands to find the control key to the superweapon. A shore party descends into a boggy crypt… [blog post]

Twelfth Session (8 page pdf) – “The Key To War Machine, Part II” – Cannibals apparently infest the crypt, which in addition to normal crypt dangers keeps the pirates on their toes – and losing some, to the grinding bear traps all over the area. [blog post]

Thirteenth Session (12 page pdf) – “The Key To War Machine, Part III” – An epic fight with juju zombies and a Wendifa (female witch doctor) has lasting effects as they scour the tomb for the amulet of the Terraken. [blog post]

Fourteenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Escape the Eye” – The shore team returns to the Araska, counts their loot, and sets their course for the Shackles. But a giant waterspout intervenes. [blog post]

Fifteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “Twister” – The sea-twister is dispatched in unusual style.  Then it’s to Drenchport for drinking and betting on Green Blood on a Black Rock! [blog post]

Sixteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “Hell’s Harbor” – The Teeth of Araska travels to Devil’s Arches, and fights some other ships in the meantime. [blog post]

Seventeenth Session (12 page pdf) – “Devil’s Arches” – Another naval encounter sets the pirates to flight. They decide to visit Medruzbal on Devil’s Arches, and ply the town for all it’s worth. [blog post]

Eighteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Devil’s Arches, Part II” – A shore team strikes out across Devil’s Arches to find the resting place of a Chelish naval superweapon. Sindawe has his usual amount of luck with the ladies. [blog post]

Nineteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Devil’s Arches, Part III” – The shore team heads out into Chimera Cove and a secret Chelish naval base. It’s not as abandoned as you’d hope. [blog post]

Twentieth Session (14 page pdf) – “Devil’s Arches, Part IV” – The PCs brave an abandoned secret base full of traps and undead and terrain and other such impediments. [blog post]

Twenty-first Session (12 page pdf) – “Devil’s Arches, Part V” – The PCs finally reach the Terraken (or “Terrorkin,” as they call it). But- betrayal!  They make a daring escape, but then a recurring enemy gives them what for. [blog post]

Twenty-second Session (9 page pdf) – “Crossing the Line” – The ship is threatened, first by mutated wyverns, and then by the equator!!!  And then by squibs!  Will the horror never cease?!? [blog post]

Twenty-third Session (12 page pdf) – “Bloodcove” – After some hijinks in the city of Bloodcove, the PCs take a job going upriver into the darkest Mwangi to protect the East Indian Trading Company – I mean Aspis Consortium – against cannibal natives – I mean cannibal elf natives. They even have tails, we hear.

Twenty-fourth Session (7 page pdf) – “River Into Darkness” – the PCs steam up the Vanji River on a magic-powered keelboat and deal with the snake-and-disease-intensive bowels of the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. And the station house they come to seems strangely depopulated…

Twenty-fifth Session (12 page pdf) – “Brimstone Falls” – After leaving the somewhat-relieved Whitebridge Station, the PCs search for fuel for the River Queen, leading them into both toil and trouble in the depths of the jungle. And casual racism.

Twenty-sixth Session (6 page pdf) – “Nightfall Station” – Mansquitos and sleeping sickness and elf ambushes dog the pirates until they finally reach their destination, Nightfall Station.  It’s a shithole.

Twenty-seventh Session (9 page pdf) – “The Siege of Nightfall Station” – The PCs guard the station as the native elves harass them – but is treachery from within the bigger threat?

Twenty-eighth Session (10 page pdf) – “The Battle of Nightfall Station” – It’s death or glory as the Ekujae elves assault the station in force. Can the PCs stem the tide of these savages? Or will they fall to overwhelming numbers? Find out as we conclude River Into Darkness!

Twenty-ninth Session (10 page pdf) – “Nantambu, Ruins, and Riches” – The PCs go to the uncomfortably civilized Mwangi city of Nantambu to find an old “friend” of Mitabu’s that can get them to a fabled lost Shory flying city.  Getting there’s easy, you just have to shadow walk… The pirates all groan.  “What?” asks Mitabu.

Thirtieth Session (11 page pdf) – “The Savage Land” – In a lost valley atop the frigid mountains, the PCs make enemies, then friends, then enemies of some intelligent monkeys and enemies, then friends of some lizardfolk.

Thirty-first Session (9 page pdf) – “Crucible of Chaos” – The ruins of Ulduvai are full of weird and wondrous sights, smells, and feels… But an unfortunate number of things are missing one or two of those sensory indicators.

Thirty-Second Session (9 page pdf) – “Crucible of Chaos II” – The chaos-warped ruins of Ulduvai still contain some of its original inhabitants! The PCs get to play “guess the weird undead type” as they meet them.

Thirty-Third Session (missing) – “Crucible of Chaos III”  – The PCs all have a strange dream about wandering the streets of Ulduvai from which they have difficulty waking, mainly notable for Sindawe growing giant and fighting hordes of demon monkeys in a warehouse.  Correctly tracing this to its source, they kill the Shory Banderak.

Thirty-Fourth Session (9 page pdf) – “Crucible of Chaos IV” – The PCs go to the monkey warehouse from Sindawe’s dream, and sure enough there’s demon monkeys – but their monkeyshines attract the Shoggoth!

Thirty-Fifth Session (10 page pdf) – “Crucible of Chaos V” – The Discordant Tower is investigated, as is a weird tomb and a warehouse. And they find the piece of Shory tech they really want, a hover-platform!

Thirty-Sixth Session (13 page pdf) – “Crucible of Chaos VI” – The party makes a new friend by using a magical bell to summon a flying ape! They all go to try to kill another of the leftover Shory rulers, who dwells at the heart of the chaos… And loves him some amorphous servants.  And not how you’re thinking – I mean he wants to have sex with them.

Thirty-Seventh Session (7 page pdf) – “Crucible of Chaos VII” – Well, to leave the city the PCs need their teleport spell in the Rain Tiger – but the Rain Tiger is in the Shoggoth. So, it’s off to the Shoggoth Stone to try to free the city from the clutches of Chaos.  Death or glory time!

Thirty-Eighth Session (14 page pdf) – “Return to Bloodcove” – The party takes their new friend, loot, psychological disorders, and parasites back to the newly squibbed ship – where their newest crewman awaits them!  More refitting is necessary to build in the Shory hover-platform, so it’s off to Bloodcove for debauchery galore.

Thirty-Ninth Session (9 page pdf) – “Sky Pirates” – All of the crew doesn’t get away cleanly from Bloodcove, so the newly christened Chainbreaker heads that direction.  Things start getting a little weird with the local rat population, however.

Fortieth Session (11 page pdf) – “Reality In Flux” – Things start getting weirder than usual on board the ship; reality seems to be deviating from what the PCs remember. Identity changes.  More babies. More chaos parrots.  More eight-pointed stars scratched into the ship’s wood…  Hey, we burned that weird Mythos tome from Ulduvai didn’t we? The Prophecies of the Blind Star-God?

Forty-First Session (11 page pdf) – “All Aboard” – The Chainbreaker rescues some crewmen et al. from Bloodcove, leaves others, hits the high seas, and brings on yet more!  Some of them are even invited.

Season Six – “The Pirate Curse”

First Session (13 page pdf) – “Shipwreck’s Survivor” – Past Senghor, a ship spitted on a seamount bears a survivor, Captain Riggs, and the promise of treasure.

Second Session (11 page pdf) – “They Dwell Below” – In the seamount, there’s a very strange vessel with some very unfortunate things in it. Like brainsectoids!

Third Session (12 page pdf) – “The Black Spot” – The alien Engineer wants the PCs’ brains to fuel its plans. They resist, quite unreasonably. And on Captain Riggs’ hand – the black spot.

Fourth Session (13 page pdf) – “Eleder” – The Chainbreaker reaches Eleder, the capital of Senghor, on the jungle coast of the Mwangi Expanse. They find employment by some parents of local rich kids who have gone missing on a pleasure voyage, to be accompanied by the only one who returned, Jacinth Deepwarder.  A milk run, certainly.

Fifth Session (6 page pdf) – “Bound for Elf Island” – Aboard a pleasure yacht, the Champagne Morning, they set out for Elf Island. On the way they run across a slave ship in the process of a slow-burn rebellion.  They help the rebellion, but they do price out the slaves before coming to that decision.

Sixth Session (7 page pdf) – “Arrival at Elf Island” (Warning, adult content) – A wereshark attack enlivens the voyage as the Champagne Morning and captured slave ship approach Dolenta Island. And then a hag coven attack.  As they approach the island an irate whale sinks their yacht! And then bestial natives attack!

Seventh Session (5 page pdf) – “Elf Island Orgy” (Warning, adult content) – Apparently something about this island turns people into bestial, violent, sex-crazed versions of themselves. And they start to lose crew members…

Eighth Session (5 page pdf) – “Elf Island Village Murders” (Warning, adult content) – The pirates slay their way through violent aroused feral natives to try to recover their crewmembers and quarry.

Ninth Session (5 page pdf) – “Elf Tentacle Temple” (Warning, adult content) – The pirates penetrate (heh) the temple in the deviant Elvish installation at Dolenta Isle.

Tenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Leaving Elf Island” (Warning, adult content) – Having braved the dark island fairly successfully, the pirates return to Eleder and cash in.

Eleventh Session (6 page pdf) – “Plundering the High Seas” – Done at long last with elf sex cults and degenerate nobles, our crew gets some intel on a rich prize at sea and heads out for some good old fashioned piracy!

Twelfth Session (9 page pdf) – “Wendo World” – After a respite of normalcy, it gets even weirder when Captain Sindawe’s lover/patron Voodoo goddess Mama Watanna sends them on an otherworldly quest.

Thirteenth Session (7 page pdf) – “Pele’s Throne” – The pirates visit the realm of Great Pele, Mother of Fire, goddess of volcanoes. That goes pretty well, but when they sail off the edge of the world, the Thunder Hydra takes umbrage at their intrusion. That goes less well.

Fourteenth Session (5 page pdf) – “Omaru’s Wilderness” – Our pirates visit the next Wendo spirit to get one of Mama Watanna’s items.  The visit goes smoothly; the exfiltration does not.  Then they go to meet Lo Lulu, wendo spirit of the dead, and on the way they meet the Bone Collector, who does a good job of collecting Wogan…

Fifteenth Session (missing) – “Lo Lulu’s Realm” – The crew saves Wogan from the Bone Collector, and then go to the underworld where Lo Lulu and his undying court are.  Getting in is easy – getting out is another thing.

Sixteenth Session (5 page pdf) – “Mama Watanna’s Thanks” – After escaping Lo Lulu’s realm, they return Mama’s things to her! She thanks her lover, Captain Sindawe, in the traditional “Angel Heart” fashion, but thanks the rest of the crew in a way most unusual!

Season Seven – “The Edge of the World”

First Session (6 page pdf) – “Port Shaw” – The Chainbreaker reaches Port Shaw, on the Razor Coast, in search of its long-awaited prey! New friends and enemies are made in the southernmost outpost of civilization (by which of course we mean white colonizer civilization).

Second Session (6 page pdf) – “Wereshark Conspiracy” – The crew tracks down tales of wereshark attacks on the Razor Coast.

Third Session (7 page pdf) – “Drinking, Whoring, Gambling, and Brawling” – Our crew is in the mood for some shore leave.  They meet a quartet of hookers that they take a shine to and gamble with. Then they go fight at a fight club.  Good clean fun!

Fourth Session (9 page pdf) – “Fight Club Raids and Noose Races” – The crew isn’t done with having fun yet, so they continue to cut a swath across Port Shaw. A Dragoon raid and an infamous pirate cause an early end to the fight club for the evening, so they go find the “Noose Races” they have heard so much about.  But after a Conan-esque night of debauchery, an old threat appears.

Fifth Session (12 page pdf) – “Shadow Conspiracy” – The night gets longer as they have to dispose of a body. Finally they check in at their ship and split time between planning to fund a brothel and searching down leads related to their phantom attacker, which sends them from the church to a bar to a sewer.

Sixth Session (8 page pdf) – “The Roach King” – Disappearing children lead the crew down into the sewers of Port Shaw, where they make various disgusting and gruesome discoveries.

Seventh Session (7 page pdf) – “Arson, She Wrote” – As usual, while our PCs have been off adventuring, their crew has gotten into various forms of trouble. Their Nidalese fisherwoman Arsonee has been arrested for being close to the scene of an arson, and… Her name is “Arsonee.”  Open and shut case!

Eighth Session (13 page pdf) – “Back To The Sewers” – Among other shenanigans, the crew heads back down into Port Shaw’s sewers to find a bard’s corpse at his postmortem request.

Ninth Session (6 page pdf) – “The Gnoll Cartel” – To get proof of their crewman’s innocence, the crew pursues drug dealers back to the lair of their boss and his menagerie.

Tenth Session (6 page pdf) – “To New Friends” – Our pirates make many friends with Port Shaw’s drug dealers, fight club operators, hookers, other pirates, municipal authorities… Keeping their crewmen out of trouble is a full time job.

Eleventh Session (13 page pdf) – “Sharks on the Beach” – The command staff of the Chainbreaker set up a new drug enterprise and then go to help infamous pirate Falken Drango look for his crew… And they’re weresharks!  4 pages of summary and 9 pages of extensive notes on the people and plots of Port Shaw.

Twelfth Session (6 page pdf) – “Drango Unchained” – Following the trail of Falken Drango’s missing crew, they come to a plantation that’s been having slaves go missing. They follow the track into the swamp, and meet a variety of unpleasant swamp-oriented things.

Thirteenth Session (6 page pdf) – “The Sunken Temple” – In the depths of the swamp, they find a horrid temple full of gator men and shark cultists preparing a big Wicker Man style sacrifice to Dajobas. A huge combat ensues.

Fourteenth Session (7 page pdf) – “The True Chief” – The crew loots and saves victims from the shark cult temple and returns to the free native village with some items they found, causing quite a stir.

Fifteenth Session (16 page pdf) – “Away Without Leave” – As is usual for leaving their pirate crew lightly supervised in port, the crew has gotten themselves into a wide array of compromising situations.

Sixteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Reaver Roundup” – The command staff goes about the long task of pulling every single missing crewman from the bowels of Port Shaw – literally.

Seventeenth Session (5 page pdf) – “Cherry Bomb” – A bomb in the sewers below the church of Gozreh requires some real brinksmanship to defend and defuse. Eventually, everyone but Serpent has to withdraw due to wounds and poison.

Eighteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Hit Squad” – The crew and a band of dragoons show up just in time as a phantom besets Serpent as he defends the sewer bomb threatening the Gozreh church.  Then, they race to save the priest Zalen Trafalgar from a band of assassins.

Nineteenth Session (6 page pdf) – “Sexually Transmitted” – OCD takes over as the command staff spends an entire session figuring out which of their new brothel’s prostitutes has a weird disease and coming up with schemes to cure it.

Twentieth Session (12 page pdf) – “Brothels and Broadsides” – The initial opening of the Lavender Feather is made more complicated by one Captain Mercy (a cover identity for the somewhat more infamous Captain Bethany Razor) showing up with their ship’s deed and roping the crew into a voyage to find a legendary city of gold!

Season Eight – “Lost City of Gold”

First Session (13 page pdf) – “Entertain Me” – To get to the island allegedly holding the city of gold, the Chainbreaker’s command staff must get the permission of the degenerate “Admiral” Tame in his flotsam flotilla.  First degree murder and dance battles ensue.

Second Session (8 page pdf) – “All Smiles” – They find the Veiled Isle but someone beat them to it!  Which means someone needs a good beating. The pirate ship beats to quarters and takes on the Greedy Gull and her lizardfolk captain.

Third Session (7 page pdf) – “The Veiled Isle” – The command staff and a batch of pirates venture into the jungle interior of the volcano island. Grisly gorilla death is heaped down upon them.

Fourth Session (8 page pdf) – “Village of the Damned” – After a long fight clearing the orc village of orcs, girallons, and girallon-sired orcs (ick), an attempt to rest is disrupted by Predator-style murders, eventually revealed to be the Pale Queen – the vampire queen of the girallons.  Will our heroes survive the night?

Fifth Session (5 page pdf) – “Operation Kill All Girallons” – The volcano rumbles and spits ash as the pirates go wipe out another girallon village.

Sixth Session (9 page pdf) – “Battle of the Temple Stairs” – The pirates find the city of gold (after having a lake monster eat much of their remaining manpower), and it’s really encrusted in gold! Having thought this was probably all lies in the first place, the real gold just makes them even more paranoid. Then they fight a running battle on a big outside set of stairs, which is great cardio.

Seventh Session (7 page pdf) – “Raid on Volcano Island” – A good night’s sleep is hard to get when there’s a giant girallon vampire queen around. Even moreso when you open up secret doors to subterranean flooded pits of undead.

Eighth Session (7 page pdf) – “Mummies and Masks” – The pirates venture into a drowned crypt below the city of gold. This gets them boiled in mummy squeezin’s. Paralytic mummy squeezin’s.  They don’t enjoy that.

Ninth Session (7 page pdf) – “Loot and Scoot” – The pirates decide not to awaken the slumbering horror under the island in a rare bout of restraint. Having gathered as much gold as they can without spending another night under vampire girallon attack, they depart the City of Gold.  Unfortunately the vampire pursues.

Tenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Operation Kill All Vampires” – It’s time for the final faceoff between the dwindling band of pirates and the albino vampire girallon queen. And the volcanic lake’s resident scylla.

Eleventh Session (10 page pdf) – “Value Extraction” – The pirates give the city of gold a thorough going over to get all the gold they can carry.  Then they start to carry it back to their ship, which is easier said than done.

Twelfth Session (11 page pdf) – “Leaving Veiled Isle Isn’t Simple” – A long trek across a jungle-choked volcanic island carrying nearly 2 tons of gold is hard enough, but not everyone’s happy the Pale Queen is dead.

Thirteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “The Devil and the Deep Azure Sea” – Clouds, demons, and ships beset the pirates as they head back to Port Shaw laden with treasure.

Fourteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “They Sailed Out of the Sun” – A ship attack turns out to be pirate Captain Falken Drango having liberated both the pirates’ captured sloop and the deed to their ship, or so he claims.  Captains Sindawe, Razor, and Drango engage in delicate negotiations and the Chainbreaker returns to Port Shaw.

Season Nine – “Night of the Shark”

First Session (9 page pdf) – “The Salty Dogs” – The crew has been paying protection money to a dockside Port Shaw gang.  They decide they need to be the ones collecting protection money instead, and the docks erupt in gang warfare.

Second Session (6 page pdf) – “To Beacon Island” – After taking over the Salty Dogs and a hasty refit of the Chainbreaker, our pirates set sail again to follow up on leads about Beacon Island. Maritime excitement is had.

Third Session (13 page pdf) – “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” – After having to resort to their ship’s aeromantic artifact to narrowly dodge an unusually aggressive whirlpool, as the pirates approach Beacon Island they are set upon by a pirate crew of weresharks on Falken Drango’s ship the Nightslink and are boarded by them and the bone devil Captain Bloodscupper! Hot action ensues.

Fourth Session (10 page pdf) – “Beacon Island Blues” – A prize crew is dispatched with the Nightslink, but then there’s a nighttime wyvern attack!  The ship’s officers venture into the lighthouse on the island and find unfortunate things.

Fifth Session (8 page pdf) – “Force of Nature” – They clear the lighthouse but then a rogue wave nearly puts paid to the Chainbreaker for good!  Then they venture into the sea-caves beneath the island in search of their missing crewmen.

Sixth Session (5 page pdf) – “Shrine of the Shark God” – The pirates find a mess of shark and shark-men – including the high priest of the shark god Dajobas and one of his best followers – Sindawe’s brother Ochiba!

Seventh Session (7 page pdf) – “On the Razor’s Edge” – The Dalang escapes and the Night of the Shark nears, but Garr Bloodbane’s treasure is closer still!  Except when they dive at the right spot according to the treasure map, they instead find a sunken ship with a famous ghost – Jacob Razor!

Eighth Session (7 page pdf) – “The Crimson Shark” – The Chainbreaker cuts a deal with the loa to use the spirit realm to get back to Port Shaw in time to stop the coming apocalypse.  But then the Stormdaughter and her ship the Crimson Shark show up and take them to pound town.

Ninth Session (9 page pdf) – “The Spirit Sea Lane” – Our heroes’ ship barely makes it into the spirit world before being sunk by the Stormdaughter – but the spirit realm is lousy with sharks and related weirdos as Shark edges out Whale, Turtle, and Dolphin and the Night of the Shark nears the real world.

Tenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Night of the Shark” – The PCs split up! Wogan and Mitabu go to save Father Zalen, Serpent goes to rescue his family, Sindawe goes to rally the Mwangi, and NPCs are sent to save the brothel. There is much killing in all those places.

Eleventh Session (6 page pdf) – “Night of the Shark, Part II” – The pirate command crew makes its way into the depths of wereshark infested Port Shaw where they rescue a Mwangi shaman and the Jawbone of Kaho Ali’i!

Twelfth Session (8 page pdf) – “Night of the Shark, Part III” – The heroes and their collected allies head to the docks and fight a whole herd of baddies that have taken locals hostage – both an imposter and Jalamar, the Dalang of Dajobas!

Thirteenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Night of the Shark, Part IV” – The Herald of Dajobas appears in response to Jalamar’s blood-flooded sacrifice, but Pele sends a servant to help as well. It’s blood and glory as the Night of the Shark reaches its conclusion!

Season Ten – “The Ring of the Kraken”

First Session (10 page pdf) – “Man Bites Shark” – In the carnage left from the Night of the Shark, even with the weresharks gone, men still have an appetite to murder and loot.

Second Session (12 page pdf) – “Where the Compass Points” – Our pirates take stock and regroup after the disaster, alternating between the Church of Gozreh and their brothel business.

Third Session (15 page pdf) – “Leg Work” – In information gathering mode, the pirates make the rounds of VIPs, including voodoo goddess Mama Watanna, native chief Mokoli Ali’i, head of the city council Barrison Hargrove, and one of the now-defunct Wave Riders.

Fourth Session (14 page pdf) – “Law and Order, Dragoon Style” – The pirates spend a lot of time in Fort Stormshield under the nose of the Dragoons, really hoping too provoke Sorcerer Supreme Aeron Chambers, mainly because he’s a dick and “dresses like a member of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band if he was a Nazi.”

Fifth Session (10 page pdf) – “Stealing Sorcerer Supreme” – If Aeron’s not coming to them, they’re going to him – they carefully plan out a hard target extraction of the Sorcerer Supreme from his tower right inside Fort Stormshield.

Sixth Session (10 page pdf) – “Stealing Sorcerer Supreme, Part II” – The PCs, Falken Drango, and Serpent’s wife Samaritha conduct an extensive special forces raid through Port Shaw’s sewers into Fort Stormshield and thence into Aeron Chambers’ wizard tower. But we all know those wizards are tricksy.

Seventh Session (9 page pdf) – “A Brand New Day” – The pirates leave port to meet the Nightslink and escape possible arrest. But it’s stormy at sea too.

Eighth Session (9 page pdf) – “The Sargasso Sea” – The Chainbreaker and Nightslink go to loot ships caught in a sargasso sea. As one might expect, they are not completely unguarded.

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  1. I have to tell you that I am LOVING these session recaps! The sessions sound fun as hell and are inspiring my own ideas for my upcoming Pirate game! I loved the Leper Spider and I loved the Sin possessed family! Brilliant!

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  4. I couldn’t wait and had to read ahead of the blog! There seems to be one missing between season 4 session 28 and 29 – the session with an alchemist?

    Absolutely fantastic stuff, could you do a blog about how you prep the campaign? Throw a bunch of options out and see what sticks, then place the adventure you want to run wherever the players go?

  5. Well, that answers pretty much all my questions 🙂
    In any case, it gives me somewhere to start. Lets see, questions, questions
    – have you tried any of the “campaign managers” – Hero Lab have Realm Works that seems spectacular though I have no time for learning curves with two kids that are still young enough to need constant watching and entertaining. Plus its Hero Lab so €50! Then there’s City of Brass which has a free month but seems to be less helpful and more of an rpg themed rolodex. I guess you get out what you put in these things, and I didn’t put much in 😉
    – do you prep much in the way of NPC actions/ reactions outside the sessions? (If players do X then Tommy says Y and Hatshepshut says Z)
    – how many notes do you take during the session? I try to write down most of the stuff that happens so I can write summaries – except then I’m distracted from the business of GM-ing. Maybe I could ask a player, or record everything. What do you folks do?
    – I’m bound to think of more later. Thanks! 🙂

    • I see I never answered this, sorry…

      I don’t use a campaign manager besides Evernote.

      I don’t generally prep NPC reactions just because Lord only knows what the PCs are going to do – sometimes I do for very specific setpieces (Note for Riddleport Light fight: In that battle, Hatshepsut as usual will refuse to hurt any serpentfolk due to her religious programming) but in general the PCs take glee in picking a completely random approach to every NPC interaction so I just understand the NPC’s goals and personality and wing it.

      I take very light notes (basically the secret stuff only) since Chris is writing these full session summaries. In all our campaigns we have someone other than the GM doing the notes and session summaries, there’s no way to get ones with this detail if the GM is having to do it.

  6. Hey, are you doing any more of these or just taking a break? When can I expect more?

  7. I just must say that I’m loving your session recaps! And I wonder if you have written down what will happen for each session before you play it with the players? and if so, whether it is possible to take part of, so I can play your campaign with my friends?

    • Hey thanks! I have done a couple blog posts on what I’m using and my session prep style. I use a lot of published adventures and other things woven together to avoid too much work on my part. I try to point all these out in the blog posts (of course I’m behind on the posts right now…) My prep for each session is pretty minimal however, it’s gotten down to just some notes in Evernote, it’s not really in a other-person-usable format.

      For example here’s a cut and paste of my prep notes for the last 3 sessions currently posted (Season 5, Sess. 6-9):

      Port of Call: Ilizmagorti (Cities of Golarion p.24)
      – Showcase Said a little
      – people selling tiger skins
      – thieves guild contacts in Ilizmagorti for Mitabu, say “look up old fish” in Port Shaw
      – Tarin’s Crown, Legendary Games – Shimye-Magalla will appear in Sindawe, Wogan, Serpent, and Rucia’s dreams to lead them to the Sea Queen’s Pearl. Shimye-magalla is janiform, half gozreh as black female with wild, flowing green hair transforming into waves and half desna as white female with dark hair, silvery eyes, dissolving into butterflies.
      – dino
      – Vegepygmies
      – Tarin’s smoking dragonsmoke
      Captain Sculberd Craggs of the Storm Wolf (Scourge of the Steaming Isle) – 90 men, 14 guns. He wants that thing and tries hard to find out who took it.
      – “Cyclops Jane” Hemlsley of the Ravishing Ruby

      Then I have at the ready a) all the sources I’m using, in this case Cities of Golarion (Ilizmagorti sourcebook), Tarin’s Crown (the adventure) and Scourge of the Steaming Isle (a later adventure I wanted to seed NPCs and stuff for early), and b) a hero lab portfolio with stats for the people/critters. And that’s my prep now. Since the campaign is so established I don’t need more, we have stats for the ship and crew and recurring npcs and everything else already so much of the action unfolds at the PCs’ initiative just bumping around within that world.

  8. More session summaries posted – we’re 100% up to date!

  9. Hey, I was wondering, with all the crew shares, are you guys around WBL?

    • Oh, I am doing very slow advancement. I’m sure they’re way over WBL, but I don’t track WBL as it’s for Communists.

      Let’s see, Sindawe uses Hero Lab… It says he has 254,000 gp of gear for a 7th level character. That’s high right? A lot of it is weird stuff they can’t use though. From most expensive down, 42k of it is a flawed crystal ball they don’t ever use… 32k is the menacing +1 gauntlets he uses, but those are “phantom rune powered” and everyone has one of those in the game, it gets another power whenever they collect another cypher glyph and the story locks that to about +1/3 levels… Then at 28k he has a ring of elec resistance and that transforming shocking weapon they got from Shore to Sea… Everything else is pretty low dollar, not sure how it all adds up to that much, though he does hoard those potions… All a lot of “money” but not a lot of kill. When you don’t allow people to cash in their loot for perfect to-spec magic items a lot of money doesn’t go a long way. Like AC wise he has a +2 amulet of natural armor and that’s it…

      Wogan’s most expensive item is the Rain Tiger, that gem of spell storing from Rana Mor. That’s allegedly worth 200k, though this one is arcane only. Mainly he carries around a couple fireballs and magic missiles in it and has to have Samaritha recharge it back at the ship – not exactly a stunning amount of power (and it causes them to leave Samaritha back at the ship more, which is a blessing since there are so damn many NPCs in the game already, and “but but we need arcane magic” could make it worse). A lesser silence metamagic rod, a +2 mace of terror with a DC only trash mobs fail, the rest is all +1 stuff.

      Serpent, he has poured practically all his money into his (glyph)staff and armor, with one major backup weapon. He does have a good (26-ish) AC and can do a good bit of damage when he can get a full attack in, but not as much as some characters I’ve seen.

      I prefer the “AD&D” approach to treasure. If it can’t all be readily sold “for list price” and then anything you want bought “at list price” then even expensive doodads are fine to have if they are not in and of themselves imbalanced. Also these characters aren’t “optimized” in the traditional sense – I put a lot of custom stuff in the game and it often pays to take levels/abilities reactively based on what’s going on in the game (e.g. lots of nautical stuff) rather than CharOp board builds. So while they are “mighty” for 7th level, who cares, I just throw some higher CRs at them till it hurts.

  10. Jason Rääbis

    Session 21 Season 5 is awesome! Lots of nail biting scenes and no walk in the park solutions for the PC’s! The night action against the Omen and longboats reminded me of some epic Hornblower! Great stuff!

    • Thanks man! I like the classic naval stuff. Serpent’s player just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see anything. “It’s dark! That happens in nature!” I was proud of the light-tracer-arrow trick. I haven’t let on the trick the Omen used to assess their longboat’s general location. For sure, none of them regret a single rank they’ve put in Profession: Sailor, that skill’s (and quite rightly!) been the difference between life and death many times for them.

  11. Are you guys still doing these? Do you have any more?

    • Absolutely, just played a session today! Sorry, I get busy in life and get behind on posting though we keep playing; any time someone prompts me I make sure and make time to get a bunch edited and posted though so thanks for showing interest, I’ll get some more in asap!

  12. I’ll get on it! (Probably after this Tuesday because of work deadlines…)

  13. OK, more are up and even more are coming!

  14. More summaries! Awesome, thank you!

  15. Hey, out of curiosity, which encounter do you think was the hardest/highest CR you threw at the party?

    • Hmm… Highest CR, that’s a good question. Right now they’re getting 11-12s on the regular. There have been higher CRs they’ve evaded (like the volcano giant as they escape Pele’s realm in session 6:13 was CR 14 but they bailed…) Oh they got chased by a CR 19 Shoggoth when they were lower level but escaped too. I tend not to worry too much about CR, I figure they’ll figure something out even if it’s sacrificing the nearest NPCs to get out of it. I guess I’ll level them up eventually but they can bring a lot of kill to most threats so I feel like too much more and it turns into deity rocket tag crap and that’s where I start to hate Pathfinder…

  16. Very happy to see more summaries posted – thank you!

  17. New year, new bugging for more summaries! Got any more?

  18. Still sphere, still reading in a new decade. Love these things.

  19. Whew! If you’re still following along, I have finally caught up with editing and posting summaries, just in time for 2021 and one of the big climaxes of the Razor Coast campaign, the Night of the Shark!

    • Whooo! I seem to have stopped getting updates in my rss when you uploaded a new one, so this is quite the trove! I’m already looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

      Many moons ago we proofread this monster, how was it to DM?

      Thanks very much and happy new year!

      • Happy New Year to you too!

        Razor Coast is a good campaign with a lot of great content (in it and in Heart of the Razor), enough to keep us occupied for years!

        But… it’s not the easiest to run primarily because of the organization of the book. I have the book, the book in PDF, and the Hero Lab purchased encounter library for Razor Coast and it still drives me crazy. Trying to find an encounter in the book is nearly impossible at times; even if you know the name of it all the redundant “how to build your adventure” bits restate every encounter name about 30 times making it “Find in document”-proof. Here, let me go find “Bonegnaw”, the drug dealing gnoll… Control-F… Oh no, 59 mentions. Many say “oh he’s in Chapter 4.” OK that narrows it down to 50 pages. The PDF bookmarks don’t have many levels to them so it legit takes 10+ minutes to find the damn guy’s stat block.

        And as a result of being so large due to that padding certain things just went missing – like the Kiss of Dajobas and the special poultice to heal it – the Kiss isn’t defined anywhere. Is it just DC15 lycanthropy like from any garden variety werewolf? Seems like not, but I’ve been over this huge book with a fine tooth comb and I’ll be damned if it defines it anywhere. Is it different from getting weresharkism from the bite of one of the weresharks? Not covered. Shit’s in random places across a 500+ page book.

        I get that they were trying to help by adding in all the campaign planning pages (and duplicate pages and handouts and…) but it would be better to just have a leaner book. The overall bones of “City, Sewers, Sea locations, two main arcs” is fine but the next level down isn’t skillfully executed.

        Frankly, the fact I did proofread it is the only thing that makes me familiar enough with it to have the level of mastery I do! (And it changed a *lot* after my proofreading run.)

    • Wow, a lot just got posted. I check back every week or so and… wowza. Thanks for posting so many!

  20. Hey man, how you guys doing? Still getting some gaming in?

    • Hey man for sure! We’re still going and keeping writeups, the times have me way behind on editing and posting. I’ll try to shake off the malaise and make a run at it soon. I’m also playing in a 5e game doing the Iron Gods Pathfinder AP.

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