Blades In The Dark

Welcome to our Blades In The Dark campaign!  Blades In The Dark is a game designed for a criminal gang operating in the city of Duskvol (a kind of Renaissance apocalypse with ghosts). Our gang, the Gambler’s Orphans, was a mercenary company on the losing end of a recent war.  Now our base is an orphanage, the Yaggo’s Home For Miscreant Children, in the Six Towers district.  We seek to build ourselves up into a force to be reckoned with!

  • Bruce is Marto “the Bear”, a Hound (murderer type 1).
  • Tim is Kraid Naben, a Cutter (murderer type 2).
  • Patrick is Thaddeus “Toad” Todd, a Leech (doctor/alchemist).
  • Chris is Hasten Doom, a Lurk (thief).
  • Ernest (I) am Reis, a Whisper (ghost wrangler).
  • And Paul is our GM.

First Session – Besides character and gang generation, we go to jack with the Red Sashes gang at the behest of the Lampblacks gang who are both destablizing the previously ascendant Crows gang. [blog post]

Second Session – We continue to maneuver with the other gangs like the Crows, Red Sashes, and Lampblacks.  We decide we need some turf so take over a  homeless camp. Starting small.  But we meet some lady in an Eyes Wide Shut kind of cult so that’s cool. [blog post]

Third Session – The Red Sashes decide to get back at us by coming to take over our homeless-infested mansion. A lot of violence ensues. Then when we go to try to sell off some bank notes we liberated, a captain woman decides she’ll ride Marto like a Harley on a bad piece of road. [blog post]

Fourth Session – The Red Sashes are no more, and we decide to start a fighting pit and start trouble with the Crows. I just watched Dolemite so I ensured that it ended up in a Dolemite-style club confrontation in the end! [blog post]

Fifth Session – We use some blackmail material we found to intimidate an Inspector in order to get some clandestine support from the Bluecoats (fantasy cops). Rich hottie Delazia Finchester and the Circle of Flame want some mystic artifacts of Kotor, which sound a lot like body parts of Vecna. A summoning ritual to get more information on them goes awry and a sacrifice is needed… And Smelly Pete is in the right place at the right time. [blog post]

Sixth Session – An unusual amount of this session is spent partying at the Demon Corn Inn. Then we do a favor for a pimp because… I guess Kraid told him we would?  Next thing you know we’re fighting “Professor Slice.”  He slices. [blog post]

Seventh Session – We figure out a member of another local crew, the Wraiths, has been dumping ritually carved Hollow bodies around the city.  We decide to mess with them.  We find out too late that they are a group of PCs themselves. A standoff on a neon-lit boardwalk ensues! [blog post]

Eighth Session – Our longtime foes are some old ladies that run an opposing orphanage, the Weeping Ladies.  They keep causing social trouble for us, so we go to get some leverage from uncovering whatever their member Father Yorin is doing to squeeze orphans for their juices. [blog post]

Ninth Session – We go to do some light home invasion that involves possessing a man with the spirit of a parrot, and we get counter-ambushed by Hulls (steampunk zombies) and the ghost of Smelly Pete! Then we go make an alliance with the smuggling gang the Foghounds. [blog post]

Tenth Session – Missing.  We broke into a prison or something to get the Hand of Kotor (like the Hand of Vecna) and give it to the Centralia Club to get Dylasia Finchester as a patron – she helps subsidize our rise to Tier 2. [blog post]

Eleventh Session – Someone called Gee Iniru Gah stole something called the Noladiches Cartography and framed Dylasia for it. Hasten Doom is in favor of addressing this for the reward; Reis is in favor of it for the end goal of getting in Dylasia’s pants – he’s becoming a social climber! This does lead us afoul of “Shelley the Killer”, however… [blog post]

Twelfth Session – Some crazies that run a crematorium are abducting children so we go take care of that, then intrude into some rich nobleman’s mansion to thwart gentrification. Sadly, a man gets left behind. [blog post]

Thirteenth Session – We run across some Greycloaks, ex-cops drummed out for being honest. Somehow this leads to us running a kidnap plan on a noble bravo and his girlfriend. Both are privileged and violent but we snag the guy and blackmail info out of his father, who’s selling special bloodline horses to Lord Strangford that have been taken out on Leviathan hunts and not coming back. [blog post]

Fourteenth Session – We go to attack the notorious Dimmer Sisters’ mansion to steal the Eye of Kotor (like the Eye of Vecna) and it’s just as crazy and magically demented as you might expect. [blog post]

Fifteenth Session – The orphanage is besieged by ghosts!  Sent by the Dimmer Sisters. How shall we get away from them and put paid to the Dimmer Sisters?  Especially if their mansion has a load bearing ghost in it?  Find out! [blog post]

Sixteenth Session – Our gang moves up to Tier 3 as a result of knocking out the Dimmer Sisters. So we go to begin our direct operations against our long term target Lord Strangford, by… Making a scene at his party! [blog post]

Seventeenth Session – We go to thwart Lord Strangford’s horse stealing ways and are attacked by elite frogmen!  Like, they are actually some kind of Deep One-esque aquatic humanoids, as well as someone we posit is popular with the ladies; we know him only as Tentacle Mouth. Then we go get the Heart of Kotor – this Kotor guy has every body part strewn somewhere. [blog post]

Eighteenth Session – A key to a ghost vault of the Sonurian family and infiltration of a parade lead us to the Mellified Man. [blog post]

Nineteenth Session – Time to put Lord Strangford six feet under, but he’s skipped town in his Leviathan hunting ship so we need a ship and a crew to go after him. [blog post]

Twentieth Session – The final fight on dark Leviathan-haunted seas as the Gambler’s Orphans execute upon their last contract as a mercenary group, the death of Lord Strangford, and try to save all of Duskvol in the bargain! [blog post]