Carrion Crown

Welcome to the session summaries for our Carrion Crown campaign!  We had previously run through the Jade Regent adventure path and are ready for another.  Paul put it up for a vote, and though Shattered Star and Rule of Winter had a showing, everyone wanted to bite off a horror game next.

The Session Summaries

The Characters

Core/APG only (anything else with GM approval), and we don’t track XP. Paul, our GM, asked us to come up with three “flashbacks” as part of our history for him to use in crafting the game. We’re doing this instead of the FATE aspects mechanic we used in Jade Regent.

In this new path, I want to make the adventures very personal for the characters, and bring forward the idea that the PCs past is inextricably entwined with their present and future. So, for every player, I want you to write up the three most important flashbacks from your character’s life so far. My plan is that all these scenes will become important somehow in the campaign, so expect to meet figures from your past, long lost relatives, and the hideous boogeymen that haunted your character’s childhood dreams.

We try to deliver! And since it’s going to be a horror game, we go for ‘freaky’ and avoid playing things like clerics or paladins or anything else that would make this too easy.

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