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Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 42

Forty-second Session – Tendril falls to the Externals. We send the Red Queen to Mantebron to figure out what the Externals want with the Glassmaker artifacts there – apparently they’ve extracted an alien superweapon. We risk our lives to go down to the ruins ourselves, and find out nothing that wasn’t already obvious. Then we weigh the odds – two alien fortress ships against one party of PCs.  The B Team decides “We can take ’em!” All this and more in this fortnight’s session of our Alternity Star*Drive campaign, The Lighthouse!

I missed the first part of the session, resulting in the rest of the party getting chewed up by alien dogs. When a glass spider asks which one of them it should implant with horrid alien devices, Peppin and Taveer both fall all over themselves volunteering. On the basis that Peppin “sounds like you already have at least two people in there already,” Taveer is chosen and as usual plays it up to the hilt. Finally I arrive and the grenades start flying, and we finish out crawling the Glassmaker ruin, for all the good it did us.  We got a lengthy description of how unstoppable the obviously unstoppable weapon the Externals got is, which we knew already, and that they are gathering Ancient artifacts for some fell purpose, which we knew already, and that they want to make the Deepfallen on Bluefall disintegrate everyone on the planet, which we knew already.

Finally we head out, and Markus talked everyone else into taking a run at the fortress ship.  If it gets out of here with that weapon then there’s no way we can ever take it in a space combat. The ship is still partially splayed open to install it so I figure if we can get on there and sabotage it, fire it off before it’s well seated and have it rip the ship apart, or set off a nuke by it, or shoot it into the other fortress ship, or something, then we can remove the threat. And the B Team is the group of people to do it!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 41

Forty-first Session – The Lighthouse is going to Cambria to meet the Medurr, but is knocked out of drivespace early and has to head off an alien setup. Then we throw our Picts into battle against the kroath! Under 50% losses is a victory in our book. The Medurr sign on to the Verge Alliance, and we plot strategy. All this and more in this fortnight’s session of our Alternity Star*Drive campaign, The Lighthouse!

Bruce (Taveer, Lambert Fulson) has taken to attending the game via Skype, because he’s too much of a wuss to drive from Dallas to Austin every weekend. Since we upgraded to a HD camera it works pretty well, and when he starts gibbering we can mute him, which makes the game go smoother than previously even.

We discover the Medurr have a drivespace denial weapon, which we thought was impossible, in addition to the riftships we had thought were impossible. The N’sss conduct a transparent “We’re attacking the Medurr and we must be treacherous humans” ploy, which we foil by blowing up one of their ghost ships.  Then they dump a bunch of kroath on the Medurr, and the big tough Klingon centaurs start whining like bitches. So we finally pop the tab on all those insane Pict warriors we brought on board in Lucullus and start the kill.

We finished that up pretty quickly, and then burned two hours debating where to send our various battle groups to in order to defend the Verge from the “alien fleets so massive you can’t beat a single one of them,” to hear the GM tell it.  Sigh.

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 40

Fortieth Session -The B Team takes the Red Queen to Ptolemy and has to whip the crazy cyber-lovin’ women manning her into shape. Once we get there, the pirates are shacked up with the aliens, so we set an inescapable trap for them. And we buy Taveer a lap dance. All this and more in this fortnight’s session of our Alternity Star*Drive campaign, The Lighthouse!

The Red Queen is as crazy as ever – the ship from the Last Warhulk, but run by a crazy “Alice” AI who thinks everything is in fantasyland.  Her new “handmaidens” are a bunch of Nariac cultists with so much cyber that they go nuts from cykosis at the drop of a hat. They are pacifists, but conveniently have all sorts of hideous weapons implanted for when they go bugfuck crazy. Which they do.

Then we infiltrate the pirate flagship. My favorite part was when we burst onto the bridge, where the pirate captain and his External handlers were chilling.

Markus shouts out, “Alien collaborator says what?” and flings a pulse grenade into the midst of them.


We laid a good trap for the pirates. We figured that if we just jumped a battle group in, the pirates would jump right out.  But then their stardrives need to recharge. So we figured out their rally point, staged a diversionary attack so they’d flee, and had our battle group waiting for them at their rally point. Whap!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 39 Posted

Thirty-ninth Session – It’s large scale war planning as Lucullus falls, we win at Ignatius, and a new alien spills a load of historical beans. We’re sick of always playing defense, so the Lighthouse heads out to Medurr space to get them on board one way or the other, and the B Team takes the Red Queen to go pacify some alien-collaboratin’ pirates.

We didn’t actually do all that much this session – the B Team took some autistic kid off Lucullus, and then that system promptly betrayed the Alliance.  Then we interrogated a new alien called an Evrem, and used our alien communication artifact to talk to everyone we know. More out of luck than anything we send a battle group to Ignatius and they take out an External fleet there – the aliens split their forces, bad idea for them. It was a long series of planning and events we weren’t there for.  But we’ve set the stage for violent anti-pirate combat at Ptolemy and violent diplomacy with the Medurr next time.

If we get the Medurr to chip in, and our captive kararan scientists can reverse the klick egg-bioengineering so that the klicks will turn on the i’krl, we just might have a fighting chance!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 38 Posted

Thirty-eighth Session – The B team hunts dinosaurs and fights a pretty large number of draconic centaur Klingon type aliens.  We hit them until they like us. Diplomacy is just like dating!

We had a lot of fun this session. The dinosaur hunt was entertaining.  Peppin missed the whole attack by the Medurr assassins, but he was having fun trying to ride around on a riding dino. Markus always shines in the more savage locales – intrigue on the space station is challenging for him, but as a genetically engineered shock trooper, if a situation calls for beating the living crap out of something, he is the man to do it.  Lenny got to be referred to as ‘our female’ all the time – the Medurr are matriarchal and we figured that we’d get more cred if we claimed Lenny was our female (he’s a lizardlike alien called a T’sa, and we figure there’s no way they can tell one way or the other).  Lenny wasn’t consulted on this plan, which was hatched by a throwaway line last session, so he protested every time it happened, but no one paid that any mind. Lambert, Ten-zil, and Peppin all got to shoot up the landscape a lot. Ten-zil especially had some great additions to our tactical plans.

Markus got a lot of screen time since, as the most violent, the Medurr considered him the person to talk to. I felt bad that our ambassador didn’t have much to do, but Tim spent a lot of the time cutting up with Georgina anyway, so that worked out fine. I especially liked the scene after we fought off the assassins that had lured us in with a trapped dinosaur – Markus stalked over, terminated the dinosaur with a sabot pistol round point blank to its head, and whipped out his knife and carved a huge “IX” in its side to mark the spot. I was happy that Chris got the reference (Markus was in the Thuldan Empire’s IX Legion and has a big IX tattoo, I try to mention it from time to time).  Bruce was all “what the hell” when it happened but Chris explained it to him.  I like when everyone’s into it enough that they remember stuff like that about each others’ characters. Then later when Stykor asked Markus his “clan” I was momentarily at a loss, and Chris suggested “Clan Nine,” and that was a marvelous idea.

There were a lot of little jokes that didn’t make it into the summary but we were all in rare form. Having the entire group there was nice.  Next time, Bruce is going to try to Skype in rather than driving from Dallas, we’ll see how well that works out, it’s an interesting idea if the tech is up to the execution.

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 37 Posted

Thirty-seventh Session (9 page pdf) – The B team goes to make contact with some new aliens, potential allies who really like and respect violence. If they like violence, they’re going to love us!

Bruce and Patrick were out, so there were just three of us to handle the diplomatic mission to the Medurr, a new alien race of matriarchal warlike draco-centaurs. Tim ran Ambassador Peppin, the Borealin dissipation-friendly academic, and Chris ran Ten-zil Kem, the dissipation-friendly VoidCorp exec. I ran Markus, the only sober member of the party.

It was an interesting session.  There was the expected fight with the Medurr to prove we weren’t wusses – and Markus was firing on all cylinders.  I beat the entire squad of Medurr down in two rounds (with some help from Peppin and Ten-zil).

Then we do a little clandestine research on them mainly with some of their many slave races – some cute little groundhog guys with exploding collars, mainly good for smacking around and getting you drinks, and the octopus people, who seem to have all the marketable skills but a fatalistic outlook that keeps them from rebelling.  The Medurr seem like they can be a great ally against the Klicks and i’krl but there’s a high chance that like, say, every single Central American and Middle Eastern country, that if we arm them and train them too much we’ll just be fighting them in ten years. So we’re trying to strike a deal while planting seeds for future destabilization.

Funny note, with the D&D 4e lameness that is the Dragonborn in mind, we asked whether the female Medurr have breasts – they don’t.  We were relieved.  But then there was a picture of the octopus people and they are quite busty.  We laughed sadly.

Next time, we go on a dinosaur hunt!  Markus always welcomes an opportunity to generate some maximum overkill.

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 36 Posted

Thirty-sixth Session (8 page pdf) – We sweep and clear the alien lab ship and take loads of freakydeak alien prisoners, and recover the Admiral, or at least his brain in a jar. Concord Marines FTW!

The External War is in full swing as our Alternity StarDrive campaign The Lighthouse enters its second year.

Sadly, I missed this session due to Christmas break. It’s funny that I had already posited that the Admiral would be just a brain in a jar by the time we rescued him.  Turns out that’s exactly the case.  I have Detect Plot Point as a supernatural ability.

I don’t have much else to say, except that our squads of Concord Marines come in real handy in these kinds of situations – we have a couple combat-monster characters but the rest really aren’t up to much alien shooting.

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 35 Posted

Thirty-fifth Session – It’s silent running in Hammer’s Star until we get wind that Admiral Rastad might still be alive aboard a lab ship. Then we reconnaissance in force that mother!

The entire session was us infiltrating the External ship and laying waste to the aliens in it. We successfully mixed stealth with ultraviolence and so have avoided bringing down the wrath of the entire ship on us, but haven’t found the Admiral yet.

Not much else to say that isn’t in the summary; we were on task and things were going by the numbers. Read on!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 34 Posted

Thirty-fourth Session – We bring our new klick buddy back to the Lighthouse, and get the third degree from our other set of characters. Then we are off to recon the alien-conquered Hammer’s Star system! All this and more, in the latest installment of our Alternity campaign, The Lighthouse.

One of the weirder things about this campaign, where we are playing “A Team” station command staff characters and “B Team” ambassadors, criminals, and other unaligned folks, is that we often have arguments with ourselves.  This time, the B Team sneaks an alien on board the station, which gets them all detained and TSAed out the yinyang by the A Team. But it’s all in good fun.

The whole part where Peppin’s cousin somehow got in good with the Picts and then ran the Corner casino out of cash and arm wrestled his cousin using his won FSM powers for the ambassadorship was a lot longer and more in depth.  But really many of the details ended up not being important enough to bother typing in, so it seems pretty short. We tried a whole bunch of jockeying with the Picts and Tanya Taneer but none of that went anywhere.

Then we finally played the A Team a little while!  They’re like 2 levels lower than the B Team by now.  We went on a boomer-style mission to Hammer’s Star; we did a lot of plotting strategy.

Next summary is mostly done and going up ASAP too!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 33 Posted

Thirty-second Session – Wait, wasn’t my last posting #31?  Session summary #32 is currently MIA because Tim is a huge slacker.  I’ll link it if it ever shows up.

The short form is that we steal some klick eggs from the alien base near the sick guy’s vault and scram.  Then we track down Scrooge McDuck’s pirate-stolen treasure on some Spanish colony and are attacked by rabid Ewoks.  Some pirates attack us, and regret it for the couple seconds of life remaining as Markus pounds grenade launcher rounds into them.  And then when we go into the caves to find where they stashed the treasure, we meet some rock crystal aliens that are like Hortas with illusion powers.  The emanations from the homing beacon the pirates placed there make them horny (no seriously) so in exchange for us turning it on and leaving it there (on a different frequency, natch) they let us have the moolah.

Thirty-third Session – Here’s where it gets freaky.  We get the rock-crystal aliens to help us by channelizing the pirates into our ambush, and murder or press gang them all.  But then as we’re loading the loot onto out ship, klicks attack.  But we end up cutting a deal with them!  Hooray klicks, our  new… allies?

As Markus, I found it entertaining that when I gave a frag grenade out to each of my companions, I gave them a very clear safety briefing.  Sadly no one remembered the safety briefing once the action started.  Lenny tries to activate his grenade by licking it and Ten-zil throws his grenade well within the 10′ effective range of his own party.  He’s not handing out grenades next time.  And then Markus’ own grenade launcher jammed!  That forces him to resort to melee because his Dex-based gun skills stink.  All this made a fight that should not have been challenging at all somewhat more challenging, but my new secret weapon is four ranks in Armor Operation which allows me to shrug off two points of rollover stun damage per shot, an immense improvement in combat durability.  Used to be, with enough mooks, even an armored warlion would suck up enough rollover to go down in a round or two.

I was totally ready to unload on the klicks but I saw the story hints and we negotiated.  I was wondering how the hell we were going to do anything against the huge unstoppable External army, and this appears to be the leverage point; if we can turn the klicks then it’s no longer “way more guys with way bigger ships and better tech who completely understand all your tech” time.

So all we have to do is assault the alien-occupied klick homeworld!  Easy peasy!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 31 Posted

Thirty-First SessionThe Lighthouse goes to Aegis, but the B Team goes to Oberon to help out Scrooge McDuck.  But it goes from The Italian Job to Aliens in one fell swoop.

In a welcome break from negotiating with endless waves of bureaucrats, our secondary characters head out to another system to recover what is supposed to be a huge wad of loot.  We conduct breakins, home invasions, abuse the homeless – we’re like an alien crime wave hitting the Oberon system.  But then when we go to the vault, it’s empty of loot but full – of KLICKS!

We had a lot of fun this session.  We’re at our best when we’re on the loose and scheming and innovating ways to get the answers we need.  We’re baaaaaaaaad men!  The best parts were when Peppin dressed as the “Miner ’49er” and psychically phased through the wall of the government building, to find himself in a rhodium mining exhibit, and then coming across the revolutionary vandal there.  The man threw his back out crapping himself in fear, apparently.  “A G-g-g-g-g-ghost!!!”  And when the man later, at the Tim Horton’s, said that he hadn’t eaten solid food in a while.  I don’t know why I found that so funny, but I was incapacitated with laughter for a long time.  I was like “What, do you live on Thunderbird and semen?”  Finally, the sweep and clear in the vault was bracing.

Taking a week off helped us get back into the swing of things, I think. Fun was had by all!

Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 30 Posted

Thirtieth Session – In the latest installment of our Alternity campaign The Lighthouse, it’s off to Corrivale to get all the factions there on board with the Verge Alliance. Then it’s hot Pict on Sesheyan action as we perform some extreme rendition.

Not only that, but Captain Takashi has started to channel his LOLcat making skills into war propaganda!  Witness his cautionary tale of the N’sss, the jellyfish aliens T’sa believe to be demons:

Also, Peppin tries really, really hard to get the sesheyan shamans into the anti-alien battle.  Eventually they have to fess up that their magic isn’t, you know, real in that sense.

Thrills!  Chills!  Pills!  And more!  It’s session number thirty, and we’re feeling fine.