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Third Runelords “Stone Giants” Session Summary Posted

Our brave party forges deeper into the Fortress of the Stone Giants in Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path

This time, my character Valgrim the Summoner finally gets to bind a demon!   Frequently talked about in D&D but infrequently done, binding a demon to your will has its pros and its cons.  He got a bar-lgura (from Fiendish Codex I), or as my party calls it “The Hellutang!”

And we get a little too much excitement – after a boring fight with redcaps, and our dragon shaman browbeating a kobold barbarian into joining us, we meet Xanesha the lamia matriarch for the last time!  Ravno the Varisian takes his revenge on her for her abduction of his sister – but perishes himself in the process. 

All of this and more awaits you – here’s the newest summary!


Second Runelords “Stone Giants” Session Summary Posted

It’s a bit late, but here’s the newest Rise of the Runelords session summary; the second game session of the fourth (of six) chapters overall, as we approach the Fortress of the Stone Giants!

Fortress of the Stone Giants

Part III is happening today.  I will be binding a creature from the outermost Hells and forcing it to serve me by helping to slay whatever weird semi-giant is in charge of all this nonsense!!!

First Runelords “Stone Giants” Session Summary Posted

It’s been a long haul, but we’ve now started Fortress of the Stone Giants, the fourth installment in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path! Nothing subtle about these bad boys. Also, some more full character sheets are up on the main campaign page.

Fortress of the Stone Giants Part I

Our special Spring Break adventure follows the standard format of a Spring Break vacation. A road trip, gossip, shopping, violence, assessing the damage, and fleeing the scene.

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Sixth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

Finally, we completed the third chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, “The Hook Mountain Massacre.”  We put as many sessions into Hook Mountain as into the previous two chapters combined!

Twelfth Session – The Hook Mountain Massacre Part VI

The fun part about this is that Xanesha is becoming our main recurring supervillain, which is a deviation from the scenarios’ plots.  But she keeps escaping, getting tougher, and starting new evil plans. 

Our PCs are getting into the whole gig of running the Black Arrows – we all have Black Arrow tattoos now and have put a lot of work into making them a force to reckon with.  We got the local Hellknight to send us lots of recruits, got the Lord Mayor of Magnimar to send us an officer corps that wasn’t criminals, rebuilt and enhanced the keep, and have equipped our guys with the best captured equipment a sword can buy.  After frequent PC-led reconnaisance in force missions into the wilderness, they’re a tough bunch!

Fifth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

As we continue through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, our intrepid group has gotten most of the way through the third installment (of six).  Thrill to our experiences in Hook Mountain, which was full of ogres and featured a stone giant necromancer!

The Hook Mountain Massacre Part V

Alas, we met with tragedy – one of our heroes will never rise again.  Hulmar Benk, Lord of Fort Rannek, was cruelly felled before his time by an ogre’s hook.  A moment of silence, if you will.

Fourth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

More hot giant killing action in Part IV of the Hook Mountain Massacre!  Well, wuss giants – ogres, trolls, and an ettin.  My character, Valgrim, is honing his summoning skills as a Malconvoker.
Next time, we hit Hook Mountain itself.  Victory or death!

Third Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

The Hook Mountain Massacre continues!  In which we slay dozens of ogres, and a hefty number of minibosses and bosses, with ferocity – but one of our heroes doesn’t walk away from it!  Prepare your Kleenex and find out which brave adventurer bit the big one in the service of…  Whatever we’re in the service of.  The plot I think.

Latest Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

The newest session summary from our romp through Rise of the Runelords is up!  Check it out.  Death to ogres!