Warhammer RPG Lives Again (?)

So very recently I talked about the news that Games Workshop had closed down their Black Industries RPG bramch, which had been working with Green Ronin to publish great new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books and the long-awaited Dark Heresy RPG based on Warhammer 40,000.

With barely a pause, Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they now have the Warhammer licenses for board games, card games, and RPGs!

On the one hand, that’s good news for the continuation of the line.  On the other hand, Green Ronin had been doing a great job and is one of the best RPG companies out there, and apparently got totally bypassed for the gig

And on the third hand – Fantasy Flight Games does not have a good track record with RPGs.  Two of their lines, Fireborn and Dawnforge, litter the shelves of my local Half Price Books.  And other than Midnight, I’ve never considered picking up any of their stuff. 

 But, on the fourth hand, Jeff Tidball is working for FFG and he worked on a number of awesome groundbreaking games – Over the Edge, Unknown Armies, and Feng Shui.  He and Wil Hindmarch have just launched a site called GamePlayWright about game design – check it out. 

I guess time will tell! 

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