Relative Class Power in D&D 3.5e

There’s a thread on the Wizards forums I refer to from time to time – The Base Classes as Rated by You. The community voted on relative class power and the results are interesting.

Rated 1-10, with “10” being “most powerful” and “1” being “least powerful”.
*= not enough responses to mean much
D= highly debated – the ranks were widespread
C= consensus – the ranks were often the same

9.4 Druid C
8.6 Wizard C
8.6 Cleric
8.6 Artificer *C
8.1 Psion C
7.7 Wu Jen * C
7.5 Psychic Warrior
7.5 Favoured Soul

7.4 Spirit Shaman D
6.6 Shugenja
6.5 Warmage
6.4 Sorcerer D
6.2 Warlock
5.9 Rogue
5.8 Barbarian
5.6 Wilder*
5.4 Monk
5.5 Scout
5.2 Ranger C
5.0 Paladin C
4.7 Bard D!!!!!
4.1 Ninja
4.2 Hexblade
4.0 Marshal
3.8 Spellthief *
3.7 Swashbuckler D
3.5 Fighter
2.4 Samurai C
2.4 Soulknife C
1.5 Healer C

Check out the rest of the thread too, it has similar rankings for “classes which are the most fun to play”.


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