4e Compilation PDF

“Verys Arkon” has compiled all the info about 4e revealed so far into a preview “Lite Edition” PDF.  Check it out here.  It appears to only include the stuff from DDXP, not the various things designers have revealed on blogs or whatnot (marking, etc.).

 As I read it I get back to my familiar ambivalence with 4e.  The initial changes in terms of simplification and encounter powers – basically all the stuff they showcased in Star Wars Saga Edition and Book of Nine Swords – I love.  All the other crap they piled on top of it – I hate.  Alas. 

The Stinky Cheese:

  • Teleporting elves
  • All point buy stats
  • Dumping half-orc and gnome for tiefling and dragonborn
  • Shoehorning “roles” for PCs and monsters
  • Movement in “squares”

2 responses to “4e Compilation PDF

  1. I was excited by the initial announce of 4e. Claims that it would be streamlined, which the game has needed for a long time now, IMO. At first, it sounded good with claims that it would be quicker to prep for the DM and quicker in play.

    But the more information comes out, the more I realize that for every bit they streamlined, they added new layers of complexity. The new edition looks like it will rely even more on miniatures, with tons of tactical decisions that prevent immersion. That’s not to mention all the fluff changes to traditional elements.

    They can do whatever they like but the OGL is forever, allowing me to design my own version of D&D. Which I’m doing online as an ongoing project.

    Take care!

    Consonant Dude

  2. Totally agreed. All hail Ryan Dancey for taking that irreversible step of openness!

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