Goodman Games Launches “Eldritch Role-Playing System”

Goodman Games, heretofore mainly notable for their huge “Dungeon Crawl Classics” line of 1e style D&D adventures for 3/3.5e, are launching their own fantasy RPG.  It hits in 1.5 days, if the countdown on the Web site ( is any indication.  Their main differentiator is that it’s a classless, and claims to be more narrative and share interpretive power with characters (implied: at least more than D&D).  Check out the character sheet and the forums

This is the first I’ve heard of the game – more as I discover it!  It’s at the printer and should be in stores in April.

 Oh, one bonus piece of info, the official setting:

Ainerêve is a dream world, a place both above and within the Earth that we all know so well. Inhabitants come to Ainerêve from two places: dreams and beliefs, and Earth. There are two types of places in Ainerêve, Settled lands and Unsettled lands. Settled lands are places that have become more “real”, where sentient beings have settled with strong belief systems or a unifying mythology. Unsettled lands are chaotic, like places of dream and shifting landscapes. The campaign book involves three settled realms bound together: the Forest of Meath, a place defined by the Celtic mythology and its eventual transformation into Celtic Christianity; Piusarmorum, defined by Christianity during the time of the Crusades and peopled by a lost company of Templar Knights; and Maedoen, a kingdom founded on the Celtic/Welsh that preceded Roman occupation.


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