Eldritch RPG Web Site Live

The Eldritch RPG Web site is live and the game should arrive soon.

The Eldritch designers responded to a bunch of my questions about the game on the Goodman forums – why a new system, why not OGL, what the target feel is…

So far I like what I’m hearing.  Looking at their DM’s screen and character sheet downloads is probably the best view into the rules.   I like the skill successions.   I’m not as thrilled with the acronym-heavy approach that makes it sound like Palladium.  

Innovative new game or D&D/Palladium FRP heartbreaker?  Can’t tell until we get a chance to play it!


One response to “Eldritch RPG Web Site Live

  1. looks like an interesting game so far, but I’m not sure… I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get a change to play it to make a real judgment.

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