Gen Con In Big Trouble

I had previously covered the problems Gen Con LLC was having in the wake of Lucasfilm lawsuits and all.  Now, a shocker on ENWorld indicating Gen Con Indy 2008 may be in jeopardy:

New at WotC

This email was forwarded to me by Latvius, in response to a question to WotC as to why there are currently no D&D or Wizards events on the schedule posted for Gen Con:

Here is a brief FAQ concerning your questions:

Q: Why are there no D&D or Wizards events on the schedule posted for Gen Con at 

A: Wizards had not submitted a schedule of events by the Gen Con deadline. Since we hadn’t submitted our own schedule, none of our events are in the official Gen Con schedule at this time.

Q: Will Wizards attend Gen Con in 2008?

A: As you may be aware, Gen Con is currently in chapter 11 bankruptcy. Wizards’ plans relative to Gen Con are dependent on the course of proceedings in US bankruptcy court. While we hope to participate in Gen Con, we must await further proceedings in the bankruptcy matter before we are able to confirm our plans.

Man, if Wizards isn’t even setting up events, maybe other folks shouldn’t either!  I was just getting set to buy plane tickets and sign up for events!  But this news carries with it the very real risk that I might pay my registration fee and then never see it again.

I can’t think of many explanations here – Wizards and Gen Con are different companies, though very incestuous.  For them to not even commit to going?  Not even put games on the schedule?  There’s no reason for that except not wanting to pay money into the con before the court decision.  This is a very bad sign and I’d have to recommend if asked that no one make travel plans to Gen Con till this gets figured out!


4 responses to “Gen Con In Big Trouble

  1. Hmm. Didn’t the GenCon guys state that GenCon Indy is going off as normal?

    Seeing WotC’s general inability to get their act straight (dragging their feet with the GSL, the worst marketing campaign for a roleplaying game ever), I can see this actually being general incompetence rather than a reflection of inside information on another company’s finances.

    Either way, they just shot Living Forgotten Realms in the knee. The campaign is supposed to kick off at GenCon Indy. I’m not too hopeful for the its success, but trying to kill it even before it gets started is a bit extreme, even for me.

    Then one can speculate how this announcement will affect GenCon’s finances.

  2. Yeah they did… And I could see WotC just not getting their act together in time except for them specifically citing the bankruptcy proceedings as the “why we’re not sure we’re attending.” They could be BSing, but Gen Con and Wizards are still pretty tight (Peter Adkison is the CEO of Gen Con after all…).

    There’s a lot of scenarios, depending on how much evil you’re willing to credit WotC with. Maybe they’re really holding back out of concern about the bankruptcy, in which case the almost certainly do know something (No one else in the industry had the same response). Maybe they’re pointing fingers to cover up their own sloth, which would be bad. Maybe they want Gen Con to “die” so they can replace it with their growing D&DI con, and this is part of a smear campaign I’m unwittingly participating in to make it seem like Gen Con is about to go down.

    My head hurts now. None of the options I can come up with are ‘good’, however.

  3. Well, at the moment, there’s only one thing I’m more willing to credit WotC with than evil, and that’s incompetence.

    There most benevolent reading of the situation would be that the facts changed between GenCon’s announcement and WotC’s announcement, in which case it’s possible that both companies are telling the truth. But then, you’d expect an announcement from GenCon, and the time span feels awfully short for any real development in a legal case of this magnitude.

    Eh. Now my head hurts, too. Probably should quit formulating conspiracy theories.

  4. Third option you forgot. Hasbro has license to produce Star Wars toys. WoTC has license to produce Star Wars RPGs, Card Games, and Minis.

    Gen Con is having legal issue with Lucas Arts.

    Lucas Arts has the license for Star Wars…

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