Pathfinder RPG Alpha 3 Available!

Paizo Publishing continues their open playtest of the Pathfinder RPG rules, a “fixed” version of D&D 3.5e, with the release of Alpha 3, the last version before the printed beta.  More than 17,000 people have downloaded it, dwarfing the D&D 4e playtester base.

If you’re trying to figure out how to download the darn thing, they are doing it through their store.  You go to, scroll down to see the “Alpha Release” PDF (free), click on it, click on “Click here to get the PDF” to add it to your cart, then you personalize, download, and unzip.  A bit of a hassle but what the heck.  Note that if you’ve gotten earlier alphas this one supersedes them even though all the text etc. just says “Alpha” not “Alpha 1,” “2,” etc.  Re-download, it’s the new one.

Also look at the links above the icons – there’s a character sheet for download!

More once I have a shot at reading it…

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