Cool New Games

The buzz has been all about 4e lately. But much better are my recent RPG purchases from my FLGS, Rogue’s Gallery, here in Austin (well, Round Rock), Texas.

  • The new Mongoose Traveller. I like it, although dear lord Mongoose needs to fire their editor and layout person and get new ones. Black Industries, also in England, closed down, and theirs were top notch, maybe they’re available! It’s your layout, art, and editing that is keeping you inside the Tier 3 RPG companies; invest a little money in the products not looking like shit and you’d be in there with the big dogs. I may write a review for, but the review already up captures most of how I feel about it.
  • Several Paizo Pathfinder Chronicles supplements – Guide to Korvosa, Classic Monsters Revisited, and the new Gazetteer of Golarion. All three are awesome. The ir game world is managing to be modern and yet distill the essence of what made settings like Greyhawk great. And Classic Monsters is perfect for any game of any D&D variant, it’s less about stats and more about making monsters less boring.
  • River into Darkness, the newest Paizo Gamemastery module. Into the Mwangi Expanse you go, in a scenario that evokes all those “up the scary jungle river” movies of yore.

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