Mongoose Wikiing Up Their OGC

Via Trollsmyth comes the news that Mongoose Publishing is talking about putting together a wiki where all the OGC from their products can be placed for use by gamers well into the future.  Kudos to them, it’s a great move!  (Now when’s the Traveller SRD going to be online?)

3 responses to “Mongoose Wikiing Up Their OGC

  1. I just thought I’d follow up on this, I am working on the OGL Wiki at this moment and it can be found at

  2. Oh, great! Good work. Interesting, so the stuff there is publisher authorized. Do they just give permission but make y’all root through the book, or do they help any? Is there an ETA? And if people are eager to see it, should they volunteer help to you?

  3. Yes, it publisher authorized, and no they don’t do much of the legwork. I’m provided a pdf and I do the copy thing. However, Mongoose has been exceedingly gracious with what they are considering Open Content: like flavor text for prestige classes and such.

    The ETA is “as soon as something is finished its put out there.” We have a dev wiki that is separate from the posted link, and there are at least 9 or 10 books from the Quintessential line currently being worked on.

    Mark Gedak is the site manager and I think all the information to contact him is under the “How to Join” header at the posted link. And the more people we have the more gets done (and the more difficult it is to manage…).

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