Paizo Hires Sean K. Reynolds

Woot! Paizo Publishing has another game designer fave joining them – Sean K. Reynolds! After Monte Cook joined the Pathfinder team recently too, that’s double good news. It’s tempered by Erik Mona deciding to semi-retire from RPG writing. I think Paizo and Green Ronin should join up now and wipe WotC off the f***ing map. Get Robin Laws in there too and it’s the whole list of my favorite game designers (Tweet’s clearly lost his soul to WotC, unfortunately.)

2 responses to “Paizo Hires Sean K. Reynolds

  1. Hey! I’m only semi-retired through the end of 2008, not for all time! I’ll be back, I promise!

  2. Oh, only through the end of the year!?! You gave me a scare. We call that a “sabbatical” not a “retirement” silly man. Or in your case… a BLACK SABBATICAL!!! (dadum dum)

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