Ding, Dong, Gleemax is Dead!

Everyone with any discernment at all knew that the WotC social networking initiative, Gleemax, sucked.  (Witness my “The Failure of Gleemax” post from a month ago.)

Well, Wizards has finally decided the same thing and is pulling the plug.  Go read “Gleemax is Dead,” courtesy of ENWorld.  It’s certainly admirable to accept that their hideously skinned abomination was both difficult to use and in the end, pointless – real gamers blog on WordPress after all (heh!) – and to try to focus on D&D Insider, which so far is exactly 0% of what they had promised.

Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that’s going to work – so far TSR/WotC has managed to screw up every digital thing they’ve touched.  The 3e character generator that came with the original PHB?  Remember that?  It was an awesome start, that then went nowhere.  Well, not nowhere exactly, more through a torturous hell of broken promises and ruined companies, but whatever.  It’s certainly a sad thing to have killed off Dragon and Dungeon for.  “I piss upon your proven revenue stream,” they say!  “We’d rather have 100% of the revenue from the limited crap we can pull off than a big cut of a much larger pie!”  Well, at least they’ve realized colossal mistake #1.  How long will it take for the rest?  Hopefully not till the brand has been sullied beyond repair.

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