RPG Bloggers Network – One Week Old, Already Better Than Gleemax

Check out the new RPG Bloggers NetworkIt was announced less than a week ago, and is run by Dave Chalker of critical-hits.com.  It’s a much better idea, in the Web 2.0 sense, than Gleemax.  Where Gleemax was “come use our shit software and blog here!  And we’ll own what you post, you know,” this is really just an aggregator for existing blogs.  WordPress, Blogger, etc. all do blogging much better than any random gaming company is going to come up with, and tags, search, etc. exist to drive navigation nowadays without everything having to physically “be in one place.”

So all you have to do to sign up for the RPG Bloggers Network is send them your site name, URL, and a feed, and they syndicate it to one place with all the other folks who’ve signed up!  Simple and elegant.  I found it because half the gamers’ blogs I read frequently were suddenly part of it!  So I’ve signed up too.  Join us!

8 responses to “RPG Bloggers Network – One Week Old, Already Better Than Gleemax

  1. zacharythefirst

    I’m digging it. I signed up RPG Blog II and have already been turned on to some gaming blogs I wasn’t aware of or hadn’t checked out. I think its going to prove excellent for cross-blog traffic.

  2. Welcome to the family!

  3. Just a minor clarification… We (the network’s
    admin/founders) exercise a certain editorial selection of sites. For instance we’ve had to turn down some sites that almost no RPG content or were mostly news about the author’s RPG imprint.

    However I totally agree that the networks has increased cross-blog traffic tremendously.

  4. I must confess I like it better than scanning the headlines of EN World – and I used to think that EN World was “teh bestest”!

  5. Yeah, the new ENWorld has IMO been pretty “headline scanning unfriendly” – but actually the new b&w test home page they have up (they’ve been having server problems) is a lot better! They should add a little formatting to it and call it a day.

  6. Agree about EN World 2’s homepage format. That would have been awesome a few years ago, but frankly blog and feed is the way information needs to be presented in 2008…they missed a big chance, and had some decent models to choose from in Gaming Report and even RPG.net.

  7. The forums are dead. Long live the blogs.

    nuffs said. RPG blogger network is teh roXXorz.

  8. It’s a great site. (And I’m not saying that just because I was lucky enough to get accepted.) There some damned good blogs on there that I probably would have never heard of if it weren’t for them.

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