Wizards is Buckling on the GSL

Great news courtesy Mad Brew LabsWizards has announced that they plan to revise the GSL!

They’re not committing to details, or a date, and the dreaded fan site policy is still pending (a fan site policy wasn’t needed for the last ten years, why now?) but they at least admit that everyone hates the GSL and if they don’t want to lose product support and customers they need to get their act together.

So to all the messageboard fanboys who said “don’t complain, it’ll come to naught and you’re not showing proper respect to our beloved Wizards overlords” – TAKE THIS!!!

Cowards who never stand up for what’s right always claim standing up won’t have an effect.  Good work to all the publishers, from Clark at Necro, Green Ronin, Kenzer & Co, on through about everyone else, who have refused to mortgage their comapny’s futures to this heavy handed move.  If even a quarter of the holdouts had caved, we might not be having this discussion.

3 responses to “Wizards is Buckling on the GSL

  1. Conspiracy alert… They stonewalled at GAMA with the “it’s in the works” excuse. Is this just a move to deflect criticism at Gen Con? “Yeah, we’re working on it, it’ll be MUCH BETTER. Trust us. You can go ahead and star tin on your 4e support please! Here’s a free trinket to buy your favor.” And then after – no change, or meaningless changes? Paranoid, or reasonable given their behavior over the last year?

  2. I suspect it won’t go as far as the fans want (ie, Bring back the SRD!). I hope it will please the 3rd parties who want to be able to reproduce statblocks and not live under the shadow of Wizards’ taking away all their rights. We’ll see.

    The fan policy – I’ll be interested to see what it’s going to contain, but personally, I subscribe to the old fashioned idea of “I bought it so it’s mine and I’ll do what the heck I want with it”. Crazy, I know 🙂

    And conspiracy-wise, I think Wizards’ know they’ve a lot of bad ground to catch up thanks to recent decisions, broken promises and mistakes. So kudos to them for trying.

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