Indie RPG Award Winners!!!

Lest I be accused of giving more love to the Corp$, here’s a rundown of the Indie RPG awards, also presented at Gen Con yesterday!

I’ve done some value-add by hyperlinking them for you, apparently that’s what “the Man wants you to do” since they don’t bother on the awards site. Go there to read about all the runners-up, I like how they indicate point totals so you can see how close (or not) the race was. For example, Grey Ranks didn’t even have a close competitor for Best Game, pulling 52 points to Reign’s 29 in the category. Congratulations to all winners, runners-up,and nominees!

Here’s the complete nominee game list and supplement list. The ones that intrigue me the most personally are The Princess Game, The Dead (free), and Ave Molech (supplement).  But they’re all cool!

3 responses to “Indie RPG Award Winners!!!

  1. I totally didn’t know that Classroom Deathmatch won until just now. Thanks!

  2. Congrats, I liked the game, it got me to watch Battle Royale in the first place!

  3. In fact, it’s the only one of all of these I actually own… I’ve downloaded The Dead since reading the review nominees and am looking at getting The Princess Game and Ave Molech but I’ve had Classroom Deathmatch for a while!

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