My Second Edition Monk

Back “in the day,” I built a more dynamic, chi-power fueled monk class using AD&D 2e (the current edition at the time, this was a little more than 10 years ago).  I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say that it largely predicted what the much-later Book of Nine Swords and other attempts at making martial classes more interesting would look like.  The powers were granted pretty much just like spells, using the standard spell progression chart and being used up for the day when you use them (which made balancing the class easy).  Many of the powers use “swift” or “immediate” actions, at least my early conception of them.  I’m pretty proud of it – my gaming group playtested it and it was fun but balanced.  Being a long time Greyhawk wonk I also put together “Monastic Orders of the Flanaess” to incorporate monkiness into Greyhawk better, which drew from Erik Mona’s Baklunish Delights articles from the Oerth Journal.

Cool but retro, why are you mentioning this, you ask?  Well, suddenly (starting in about April), I’m seeing an incredible surge in traffic to that Monk class.  It’s hosted on my old Mindspring Geek Related site that has Web stats for shit and I can’t see referrers so I don’t know where the traffic’s coming from.  But it’s leapt way, way past the perennial favorites I host there, the Death to Jar Jar Binks Homepage and the Scooby Doo Cthulhu site (all the Scooby gang in CoC BRP stats).  Like thousands of hits a month.  So I thought I’d ask – anyone know where I got linked from?  I’m interested to know if anyone’s using/interested in my old Monk class…

(And yes, I know how to do Google link: searches, and those never work…)

5 responses to “My Second Edition Monk

  1. Any way to get the monastic orders from you? I used to have it and lost. I’m DMing a group that may have a monk of Xan Yae and I can’t find any info any more. Thanks

  2. Yes all the old stuff is still very wanted by some of us

  3. So can I find it anywhere?

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