Some Miscellaneous D&D News

I’m ignoring most of it because I don’t like 4e, but these are of interest:

1.  The new GSL is still on a collision course with nowhere.  Scott Rouse is working on it but with Lidda gone, it’s not coming soon and when it does, probably won’t be significantly changed.   Yay.

2.  WotC may be releasing non-random minis!  This would be welcome.  The price and prepaint of their minis are great, the randomness not.  I’ve only bought about 5 packs because of that, even though I’ve desperately wanted more from playing a summoner recently.  Thought some of the commons are pretty cheap from the secondary market.

3.  More and more people are relating their 4e experiences, and learning that, as I said, the new rules are not indeed streamlined, but take even longer to run a combat.

3 responses to “Some Miscellaneous D&D News

  1. Wasn’t wanting longer combat the reasoning behind the incredible hp spike?…

    As far as streamlining it goes, we’d have to look at how long rounds and/or turns take…powers certainly give players a lot more options which can slow things down, but that may change as people become more comfortable with the system…

  2. I still find combats shorter in 4e than in 3e. With the exception of the “combats” the wizards ended in one round with save-or-die spells, anyway.

  3. I agree with Scott and Reverend Mike. I think the learning curve is still being climbed by most of my players, which one could use as a criticism, but I haven’t had anyone fall asleep in game yet (since they used all their spells already) and no one has complained about it yet since they’re all doing neat things.

    I mix up minions and normal monsters and so far the players have liked the mix between hacking down some easy monsters and struggling in an epic duel with a frickin’ goblin. I think that going up in level will really help as well, since they’ll get to see all those things that are dependent on “1/2 level” go up.

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