Dog Soul Publishing: Welshing A-holes?

There’s a thread on ENWorld chronicling the more than a year long quest for a freelancer to get paid by a RPG company.  He went a long time and was quite long-suffering before naming the company, and it’s Dog Soul Publishing.  Feel free to read the thread, make your own judgements, and not buy anything from Dog Soul ever.  And don’t do work for them, Deborah Balsam, or Sean Frolich, because it’s quite likely you won’t get paid for your effort.

9 responses to “Dog Soul Publishing: Welshing A-holes?

  1. Update: their Web site has gone “poof” since this post…

  2. I’ve never worked as a freelancer (nor have I ever done anything that I wasn’t paid for), but here’s something that kind of confuses me… if DSP can’t pay their freelancers, does boycotting their company really do anything?

    If we want the hard-working freelancers to get paid, doesn’t it make more sense to encourage people to buy the products to increase their revenues and, hence, their available funds to compensate their writers/editors/etc.?

    Or, at this stage, is it best to just say, “screw it,” and leave it all behind?

  3. Honestly, no, its not going to make a difference. If DSP hadn’t paid the guy in over a year, they have no intention of paying him. Days late is cool. Even waiting for the next paycheck from your day job (aka a week or two) is understandable. A year, no. Outing them was the right thing to do.

  4. I don’t disagree about outing them… I just wonder if there isn’t some way to encourage DSP to pony up, as it were.

    Regardless, it’s a total sucky situation.

  5. I put their blog/new site as the website.

    Bottom line is they can/should be sued for failing to pay people.

    It’d be interesting for a class action suit from all of the writers and artists and editors that have done work for them without getting their due.

    I’ll not buy from them.

  6. Yeah, going to check the ENWorld thread there’s a bunch of other folks owed money from Dog Soul that have checked in there. So not one, but many freelancers in the same boat. Boo.

  7. Interesting to find thhis. I did some work for them three years ago and they have still not payed. It wasn’t a big job so I did not complan too much. The said their PayPal account had been hacked/someone got hand of their password…
    When I see what people write here I’m not surprised.

  8. I did a freelance drawing for them after Katrina for their fundraiser book. Everyone on that book was unpaid, and knew it going in.

    • Given their other business practices I have to ask… Do you know whether any of the proceeds really went to Katrina relief? Fake “do this free for charity” gigs are a popular ripoff artist standby.

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