Paizo’s Still At It!

And the hits keep on coming!  Paizo has announced a couple new Pathfinder products for your gaming goodness.

First, they said that yes, they will be publishing a monster book for the Pathfinder RPG (currently in free beta!), the Pathfinder Bestiary!  And it’ll “bring the fluff back” – the 4e Monster Manual is the worst monster book ever, being nothing but game stats.  I have their Classic Monsters Revisited, which brings brilliant life to orcs, ogres, and more, and it gives me confidence this will be one of the best monster books ever!  Here’s the announcement thread on the forums, they leak some info about what the book’ll be like there.

And their fifth (yes, fifth!!!) Adventure Path has been announced, called Council of Thieves.  Man, we have to start playing faster!  It took our group a year to get through Rise of the Runelords and we’re just starting Curse of the Crimson Throne.  Council sounds like it’ll be urban, but it’s hard to tell – many of the APs start in a city but often range widely from their starting point.

As a bonus, here’s an awesome Golarion calendar, courtesy of Lilith and Frey on the Paizo forums!

And now, we’ll try out the new poll feature on  What’s your opinon?

4 responses to “Paizo’s Still At It!

  1. Woohoo~for Pathfinder Bestiary!

    I agree that Classic Monster revisited is a great fluff book (I particularly liked the bugbear) and would love to see more books like that.

    I haven’t get to run any of the APs yet since I’ve just discovered Paizo. I’m still eager to run their playtest for PRPG though.

  2. Got to say, Paizo knows how to please it customers! They seem to be really on the ball on their plan and executing them.

  3. I just voted for the top 3 options and it counted by vote as 3 seperate votes. So your poll doesn’t accurately reflect all those voting.

  4. @jonbrazer – Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I agree that it should be counting “voters” not “votes” – there’s no way to set that I can see, but I’ve posted to the support forum to find out. These polls are a new bundled option from PollDaddy, I don’t have a lot of options to change them.

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