Second “Empire of Ashes” Session Summary Posted

In our second session of Chuck‘s Savage Worlds game, we kill and kill and kill our way towards Valix Drogue the plumpy rogue.  Read the session summary for the gruesome details.

We’ve gotten used to the system now and it’s going smoothly.  We had seven players, however, so the card-based initiative was a little problematic with getting cards to and from people down a long table and seeing when they need to go in combat – admittedly, mainly a problem because some players were too busy discussing Robot Chicken episodes to pay sufficient attention to the game.  I fully support Chuck using a Taser on any player that needs it.

Also, we’ve earned two advances and have spiffed our characters up some.  As an archer, I’m finding there’s not many good edges for novice Archers to take so I’m focusing on bumping my stats and skills until we get to the Seasoned “rank.”

Bruce the Mostly Absent was here this time.  It was nice because his character was more “good” than the rest of us so it provided a suitable foil (no one else really minds when I have a Muppaphone constructed from the heads of our dead opponents).   Once we beat Arturo the Fence, he was cooperative so I was going to let him go with only the penalty of chopping off one of his hands for being a filthy filthy thief.  I was even letting him choose which hand!  What more could you ask for?  Bruce’s Vashaen was like, “That’s monstrous!”  Paul’s Thul-Eth said “What, you’re going to let him live!?!”  Call me the happy medium.

Paul’s wizard character is still the bomb.  It can drain him of power points fast, but when he unloads a full triple-blast attack, even the big monsters go right on out.

The archers and meleers are staying close in viability.  A friend of mine at work who plays Savage Worlds complains that archers get overpowered because they only ever need a flat 4 to hit, that it doesn’t scale with the opponents’ Parry.  I definitely hit reliably.  But on the other hand, arrows pretty much do flat damage, you can’t boost them as easily as you can the Strength-based melee attacks.  Which means arrows bounce off high-Toughness folks.  I had to just use agility tricks on some folks instead of attacks, so that my melee comrades could hit them more easily.

I’m already seeing the need for tricks based on stats other than just agility and smarts.  I don’t know why they don’t allow any stat to be used for tricks.  Erf wanted to discomfit a sniper up in the rafters by tossing a table at him, or shaking the rafter, or whatnot but by the rules had to settle for attacking the rafter to cut it through.

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