Fifth “Empire of Ashes” Session Summary Posted

This was a short session, as we went to see Watchmen beforehand.  (And everyone liked it, despite all the naysayers out there).

This session starts with some noble and his retinue rolling up and claiming they own the manor house we just cleared of undead!  Turns out the guy’s the husband of the lady we let loose from Valix Drogue’s dungeon.  Apparently he had something to do with her being in there, as he is with a new mistress already.  I was fine with that, and willing to take a job to go finish her off, but the guy had the balls to offer us 2000 silver for the job.  Killing a noble’s worth 10k at least, 2k is an insult.  So when the assassin showed up for him – we decided to help her out.  No one insults Versane and lives to tell about it.

The session scribe had to leave early, so here’s the quick version of how it finished:

Versane and the assassin fought the Groarg captain and two tough mooks for like ten rounds with no one hurting anyone else.  Finally their sorcerer opened the door and zapped Versane, who filled him full of arrow holes for his temerity.

Downstairs, Garret engaged guard after guard out in the yard, not hurting a one of them, while Ardreth and Seth zap-and-stun them off him.  They were down to three opponents, two of them stunned, when Ardreth decided to come upstairs and help.

Sadly, all three of those guys downstairs then activated in ninja mode.  Two of them ran up and slashed Seth into little pieces.  Bennie spends and fleeing only bought him like a round.  Garret engaged and finally killed the third one but too late for Seth.

Ardreth showed up and zapped the crap out of the Groarg captain.  He still  fought all three of us us off for like five rounds with three wounds on him.  We finally killed all of them, as the two guards who killed Seth showed up.  They saw we were badass and ran off.

And… that’s about it!  The assassin killed the Baron and the paralyzed chickie. The majordomo and doctor surrendered (well, the majordomo just tried to stay between us and the Baron, but that was less “combat” and more “step around him”).

So yes, Tim died again.  He loves making new characters anyway.

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