Sixth “Empire of Ashes” Session Summary Posted

Now that this new noble guy is safely dead, we consolidate our position in:

Valix Drogue’s old manor is now officially Versane Manor, and we get the dead noble guy’s majordomo to make that nice and legal.  Chuck the GM handed out minions for each of us to run!  The assassin, the majordomo, the doctor, a squad of infantry, a squad of archers, and a double batch of household slaves.  I got the assassin.  We set the rest to guarding/improving the house.  Everyone is quite good-natured about Versane delcaring himself clearly in charge of everything.

Chuck apparently expected us to do something else – rush off to the aid of the city, or something.  Not us!  We have a manor!  We clear a graveyard, some hunter’s cabins, and a local village of undead.  Now we just need some more peasants to staff it.

And they’re all jealous of my horns.


One response to “Sixth “Empire of Ashes” Session Summary Posted

  1. Yeah, I did. But the glory of Savage Worlds is that it’s easy to ad lib. But I will admit that was one of a fun session to run.

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