Dread, Spite, and Spankings

Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium is a modern horror game reminiscient of Hunter: The Reckoning, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself from Pelgrane, or playing mortals in In Nomine.  It’s by Rafael Chandler of Neoplastic Press, and has been reviewed like ten times on RPG.net.  It’s pretty cool, and if you want to look into it, the entire player section (141 pages of it!) is available for free download.  The design and art is really nice and gritty demon hunting is one of the three primary gaming joys (killing zombies and Nazis being the other two).

Now he’s released Spite: The Second Book of Pandemonium.  It’s a standalone game, same system slightly refined, and this time you’re fighting angels!  Well, naughty angels, whose depredations are not much better than the demons’.  And again, you can download and read the entire 182-page player’s section!  I’ve been reading through it and it looks pretty bad ass.  The game line seems well supported with both products and free downloads.   You buy them in PDF or Lulu POD – which is a shame, I think it’s more than good enough to get into stores and all.

So check them out!

What, you want to know about the spankings too?  You dirty little monkey!

One response to “Dread, Spite, and Spankings

  1. Oh, and there’s a new Actual Play Thread for a Spite game on RPG.net, probably worth reading if you’re interested.

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