Next Campaign: Alternity!

Next campaign, we’re taking a break from D&D.  We always play a variety of games in our gaming group – in fact, we have a loosely afiliated group of quite a few people so there are a number of simultaneous campaigns on differing schedules with different attendees.  I attend the Sunday game slot, which is really two campaigns that alternate weeks.  One game has just concluded, a homebrew called Savage Worlds: Empire of Ashes, and is launching Savage Worlds: Legends of Steel this weekend.  The other, Curse of the Crimson Throne using the Pathfinder RPG rules, will be finishing up soon.

We play other stuff (most recently Mutants & Masterminds, GURPS, Silhouette, Champions…) but usually have one D&D and one non-D&D game running at a time.  We’re taking a D&D break though.  The new Pathfinder final rules won’t be out till August, and our DM’s judgment and word on the street is that the next AP, Second Darkness, kinds sucks.  One group is running the new  Legacy of Fire AP, but we decided to do some Alternity!

Alternity, if you don’t know, is a science fiction game TSR put out at the end of its life.  It was only around a couple years but they put a lot of material out for it, it had its own “Living Verge” RPGA campaign, etc.  Its Wikipedia entry sums up the ruleset.  It was mainly notable for a very in depth skill system.

Paul, our GM, has an idea for a troupe-style game set on the space station called the Lighthouse in the Star*Drive universe.  He envisions it as a Babylon 5/Deep Space Nine kind of deal.  I always liked Alternity and Star*Drive.  We will each play two characters, one member of the space station command staff, and one “other”  from a crowd of diplomats and other power players.

I’m working up my characters now.  One is the Star Force captain who is the military commander of the station (he reports to the Concord Administrator who’s the civilian head of the station,though).  The other is the bartender of The Corner, the liveliest bar/restaurant/casino on the station.  More to come on them and the game!


4 responses to “Next Campaign: Alternity!

  1. Rising Phoenix

    I would love to hear about this campaign. I bought every book for Alternity as they came out and played only one campaign for only a couple of sessions. Our group as a kid was a D&D fantasy group, not a Sci-Fi group.

    Thats sounds so fun!

  2. I always felt Alternity had some issues specially with the scaling of the skill system… but it does have a soft spot in my heart since I did some play testing for it. I really enjoyed both StarDrive and DarkMatter.

  3. I’d be interested in seeing how this goes. I read the core rules once, but I’ve never encountered anyone who’d actually played, or wanted to play, the game!

  4. I’ll post all about it; I’m still working through character generation on my two guys. I’ve played a decent bit of Alternity over time and always enjoyed it. My first RPG was Star Frontiers and I went from there to D&D, so I’ve always had a soft spot for sci-fi gaming.

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