D&D Soda!?!

Check it out – limited edition D&D “Spellcasting Soda” from Jones Soda.  I know I hate Wizards of the Coast now and I shouldn’t like this, but really it’s pretty cool and entertaining.  I want “Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer.”   I wonder if they taste good?  My only Jones experience was with a holiday novelty pack and it tasted like burning, but those were admittedly weird flavors.

5 responses to “D&D Soda!?!

  1. I’ve heard of this infamous Holiday Pack, and it sounds like it’s deliberately weird, more like they’re showing off their leet soda-making skillz than trying to make something tasty.

    Jones soda is common here and it’s all really good. I’m not sure whether the Spellcasting Soda will be more like their usual stuff or like their Holiday Pack, though…

  2. Turkey flavored soda? You’re not missing much. I’d like to try the D&D ones, but I’m not paying that much for soda! I’ll stick with my Mountain Dew. (And where are the Cheetos?!)

  3. And hot tip, you can pick it up instead of paying for Xtreme shipping and handling – if you live in or near Seattle and are buying 10+ cases that is. Go by, stock up, sell them for $5 a pop at a convention!

  4. That’s great. I ordered a twelve pack; report to follow.

  5. tasty ham flavoured soda?

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