Fantastic Fest – Day 2

Day 2 of Fantastic Fest was a total blast.  As a regular badge holder, I showed up 2 hours before the movies started to pick up tickets – I thought I was going to be early but the line was already huge.  The Alamo staff cranked through the whole thing in 30 minutes flat and I still got into everything I wanted to.  I am so impressed with how smoothly the logistics are going for this festival.

With time to burn, I headed over to Casa Garcias for some breakfast tacos.  Then I went back over to the Alamo and tried to catch up on this blog, but for some reason I’m having a chronic “Can’t get IP address” issue there.  Alas.  Life is SO HARD <sob>.

My movie lineup for day two is:

  • Kamogawa Horumo aka “Battle League in Kyoto”, a Japanese movie left largely undescribed in the program as “it’s craaaaazy wild!”
  • Krabat, a German movie based on a young adult novel called “The Satanic Mill” (yeah, that’s how the Germans roll)
  • Zombieland, the big star-studded world premiere of the day
  • Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, Japenese splatter comedy
  • Doghouse, a horror comedy

I ended up not seeing Doghouse; after a long day of movies and a back and forth to the Paramount for Zombieland, I decided to start the long drive home at midnight rather than at 2 AM.  But reviews of the rest follow!  (Well, I got impatient and posted my review of Zombieland when I got home last night because it was just so good.)

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