Fantastic Fest – Day 8

The final day of Fantastic Fest was as fun as the first.  Except, for some reason, the line for tickets in the morning was even longer!  I swear, the lines got longer as the festival went on, not shorter.

On my slate for the day were:

Sadly I didn’t get into Daybreakers, not even on standby.  I had seen everything else in the slot, so I had a beer and went home to get some decent sleep before work the next day.

The festival was DOPE.  I really enjoyed it.  The skilled Alamo staff and ticketing system made it a very painless experience.  The only way it could have been better is if I had a VIP badge.  They put the 2010 badges on sale during the festival and they sold out in a minute and a half.  Doh.  The demand is outgrowing the supply; maybe they need to expand to two venues full time or something.

I met a lot of fun people.  Shouts out to Tyler from Shreveport and Chris the Shakyface Queen.  And I’m crushing on Rae, the Alamo chick who kept everything running on time.  Everyone was very friendly and it was easy to strike up conversations with fans, filmmakers, and everybody else.

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