Meet the Reavers – Melako “Ox” Chaalu, Garundi Barbarian

I thought I’d introduce you all to the characters of Reavers on the Seas of Fate.  Here’s the first, “Ox.”  Ox is Bruce’s character.  It’s a bit of an in-joke among the group that Bruce likes to build useless characters – very low powered, and ideally crippled and insane.  Everyone was surprised when he came out with a Power Attacking barbarian!  Well, he is a slave, in a nod to Bruce’s masochist sensibilities.  Without further ado, here’s Ox!


oxMelako “Ox” Chaalu had the misfortune of being born to a desperately poor family of tenant farmers from the Gamadu clan.  The clan’s holdings are deep in the Rahadoum hinterlands, far up a tributary of the Uta River.  After the rains failed again the clan elders decided that ten of the clan’s children must be sold to a traveling merchant so the rest of the clan could survive.  His parents had no money and no standing with the clan, so he was among those selected.  From there he was trafficked through the slave-markets of Manaket into the hands of Captain Marcellano, a Chelaxian merchant captain and master of the Aroden’s Hand.

Captain Marcellano was cruel and relentless in both his business dealings and his attitude towards his crew.  Under his tutelage, Ox developed both the skills of a sailor and a persistent dislike for life as Chelaxian chattel.  But his time with Captain Marcellano had an ending; as the Captain gained wealth and power he retired to his estates in Westcrown and hired others to run his ships.  As part of these changes, Ox was traded to the crew of the Albers.

Ox very much lives up to his name.  He is dark-skinned with the sharp features typical of most Garundi, but he is built like a brick wall.  He keeps his head shaved, though under the harsh sun he may wear a keffiyeh wrap.  He normally wears a pair of canvas pants belted with wide leather and a red sash, though he also has light armor for when the occasion demands.  He will only carry his boarding pike and cutlass when they have been issued to the crew, but always has a utility knife and marlinspike handy.  On shipboard he never wears shoes, as he is often called to climb into the rigging.

Ox has always had an interest in rope-splicing, though his talents are clearly more functional than artistic.  Never one for unnecessary conversation, Ox has recently developed an interest in religion: it is obvious to him that Rahadoum’s decision to turn its back upon the gods has been instrumental in converting a once-bountiful nation into a sand-blasted wasteland.  He has yet to find one that really appeals to him.

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