Meet the Reavers – Sindawe H’Kilata Narra, Mwangi Monk

Chris is known for his ass-kicking characters.  I mentioned the campaign would probably move south along the coast to the pirate kingdoms of the Shackles and venture into the Mwangi Expanse, Golarion’s Africa analogue.  The Mwangi are thus the world’s Africans.  As in the real world, that’s a meaninglessly general and imprecise term that’s only useful to white people an ocean away; Sindawe is specifically a Bonuwat, a seafaring people who live mainly along the coast of the Fever Sea.  He’s a monk, but not a “kung fu” type of monk; he’s using the Sinister Adventures “Way of the Warrior” pdf rules for a more Polynesian/Samoan inspired type of hand to hand combat.


sindaweSindawe H’Kilata Narra has an exotic appearance – green eyes, bald, jet black Fu Manchu-style moustache, Mwangi, scar tattoos (right arm – beating anatomical heart, left arm – a tiger’s paw raking, various tribal markings on chest and face). Wears a vest stylized to look like a tiger’s head and britches adorned with colorful shells, pieces of glass, and coins (yes, there are streaks of rust). He has a quiver of javelins across his back and many knives in his belt and vest. His feet are bare.  His hobbies are scrimshaw and collecting maps.

Due to a blood feud with the Okeke clan, most of the adult males of Sindawe’s family are dead, presumed dead, fled, or in hiding. The women folk have fled or are living with other families.  His father, Mogaba, was an infamous pirate widely feared for his brutality and cunning and supposedly was slain by the crew of a Chelaxian Q-ship. Mogaba left his family when his sons were still young. His sister and brother-in-law stepped in to help raise them. His mother, Manyara, was slain during the blood feud with Okeke family.  His uncle, Samanya, a reasonably honest merchant, was slain by business rivals from the Okeke family. He taught the brothers sailing during an extended multi-year merchant expedition.

Three members of the Okeke clan slew Samanya and Manyara for reasons unclear even today; some have speculated “ruthless commercial rivalry” or revenge for various acts of piracy by Mogaba.  The feud ended immediately after the Okeke extracted promises of peace from Bolade, Sindawe’s aunt.  Bolade, a famous and honored monk, fled to a remote area of Mwangi interior where she maintains an extended family enclave.

Over the next 8 years Sindawe and his brothers, Mosi and Ochiba, learned martial skills from various sources, sometimes far from home. They re-united on the anniversary and hunted down the 3 Okeke directly responsible for murdering Samanya and Manyara. In the process they slew 2 other members of the Okeke family. Then they hunted down 4 more that were likely to carry on the blood feud.  None of these fights were remotely fair.  Mosi was killed during the final fight. Ochiba and Sindawe and most of the remaining family fled to avoid reprisals.

Sindawe owns a treasure map and pages from a journal showing the secret location of an El Dorado island in the far most western oceans. One of Mogaba’s men delivered the map to Sindawe shortly after Mogaba’s death. To Sindawe this island represents wealth enough to restore his family and a connection to his estranged, dead father. However, he doesn’t fully understand the depths of Mogaba’s evil for the island’s full wealth can only be truly realized if its inhabitants are slain or enslaved.

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