Dragon Age – Really Something?

I have to admit, when Green Ronin was all abuzz about their new RPG, Dragon Age, I was unimpressed.  “Oh yay, some CRPG license, who cares,” I mused to myself, even though I generally trust them (I love Freeport and Mutants & Masterminds). CRPGs are a dime a dozen, and WoW has been the only one to get any real market share for a long time.

But they seem to have beaten the odds and Dragon Age: Origins is going to be actually good.  The trailers out for it are bad ass and the reviews are top notch.  Check it out:

As a bonus, they have a downloadable character creator you can use to make your characters even without owning the game.

And again!

3 responses to “Dragon Age – Really Something?

  1. I got it yesterday for the PC and it kept me up til 4 am. Haven’t done that since Baldur’s Gate 2 😉

    Definitely worth a look.

  2. Speaking of Baldurs Gate, I completed it at the weekend, the second time for me – the first was when it was released!

    Well worth revisiting for anyone who has an older PC.

  3. Well, Dragon Age comes from the people who gave us Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, so it had good chances of being special. I doubt I’ll ever play it though, as it’s beyond the capabilities of any gaming machines I have.

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