Sorry about the hiatus…

I’m not posting near as much as usual.  I’ve been sick since Christmas and that combined with normal work/life/kid/DMing has left me little time to do much outside that – I’ve been vegging in front of the TV before doping myself up to fall unconscious in the evenings.  I’m provisionally on the mend so maybe next week I’ll start picking up the banner again more.  Peace!

One response to “Sorry about the hiatus…

  1. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like that from a reader’s perspective.
    When you can’t, you can’t. No change in the world.
    When you can, that’s great! Interesting new stuff in the world!
    Your contribution to the modern stuff-o-sphere is either 0 or positive. And personally, I’m just glad to read the comments of someone who takes the time to write stuff I want to hear about. Anytime you write, I’ll reply mate! My pdf collection of game stories is many megabytes and many, MANY laughs richer thanks to you guys.

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