Further Jim Shipman Warnings, Sigh

Well, Jim Shipman, sole proprietor of Outlaw Press and the psychotic perpetrator of art and IP theft on a large line of Tunnels & Trolls products has recently moved on to good old fashioned eBay fraud.

As discussed on Tome of Treasures and The Acaeum, Shipman (under the name selling4u2) is selling “first editions” and other rare and valuable Tunnels & Trolls stuff on eBay.  But sadly, what one hapless buyer, who paid $1338 for a first edition, got in the mail was not what he paid for.  (Compare the eBay pic to the recieved pic.)

I can’t imagine the Tunnels and Trolls community is that large – have some of you really not gotten the news yet!?!   WAKE UP SHEELPLE!  This guy is using every existing way and some new ones of ripping people off he conceivably can.

Jim Shipman posts on eBay under the names jimship1, Hobbit_King, actionseller99 and selling4u2, using the hobbit_king@yahoo.com PayPal account.  Try not to get screwed!

11 responses to “Further Jim Shipman Warnings, Sigh

  1. Wow, $1338 is a huge hit.

    Jim Shipman, you have outdouched yourself.

  2. It doesn’t help that places like RPG.net lock down the thread regarding this criminal (claiming that it got too long), and disallow a new thread to be opened.

    There was a very good audit of everything Shippy has stolen, and now it’s getting buried.

    • The thread on RPG.net was only locked due to technical issues with the forums which pretty much require the moderators to limit ANY thread to 1000 posts. These are the same issues which have resulted in search at RPG.net having been disabled for the last few years, and for the forseeable future. There are at least two other threads still open that are keeping up with this situation, including the one at http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=11652432#post11652432 .

  3. Oh and I am also told he’s busy sending fake emails as various folks. If you think you’ve gotten an email from Ken St. Andre or other T&T person, and the letter is dementedly hostile and at a fifth grade reading level, you should probably verify it. One person got an email “from Ken,” it was sent through mailfool.com, who traced its origin back to IP address – if you’ve been keeping track, that’s the IP range Shippy posts from in south Illinois.

    It’s sadly easy to fake emails. He’s also been registering for emails in other people’s names at webmail providers. (You can just go and register anything that’s not taken, so you can play around with people’s names – “kensaintandre” might be free and might fool people who aren’t Internet-savvy.)

  4. Reading some of the replies to the ebay thread is painful since it’s filled with pretty clueless or gullible people. For example “The seller is the guy who runs Outlaw Press so he does know better. Although he has taken a lot of flack lately for his publishing practices:…” The key word in that statement is “although” as if Shipman’s theft of thousands of $$$ in art is okay and not indicative that he might do the same thing to someone on Ebay.

  5. Well, there is only one way to stop him. Rick had to sue him, since it’s Rick whose business he is infringing.

    • Not really true. He’s committed legally actionable offenses against a wide variety of people and companies. The initial complaint, art theft, is against a large raft of artists/companies, not T&T itself. The more recent eBay fraud is good old fashioned illegal against those victims.

      And remember there’s other remedies than the legal system per se – like Lulu, Amazon, etc. pulled his stuff after complaints. Level 3 needs to get off its ass and pull his Internet connection. There’s actually a lot of stuff the affected parties can do (hell, I narced him out to Level 3 over impersonating Ken St. Andre here).

  6. I’d just like to note that his AngelFire site is now toast. What a difference a day (and a polite letter to the Lycos Helpdesk) can make. >:D

  7. Note that Shipman/Outlaw has resurfaced and is riding the crime wave high again – here’s his new site, http://the-hobbit-hole2.angelfire.com/. Ah, angelfire, hideout of spammers since the 1990s…

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