Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summaries 19, 20, and 21 Posted

Whoo!  Our Alternity Star*Drive campaign set on the itinerant space station The Lighthouse has hit its twentieth jumbo-length session.  The latest big ol’ PDF session summaries are:

Nineteenth Session – Lambert Fulson is hospitalized; the Nariacs are up to no good but Markus kills three autoflechette-armed cyborg guards with a knife.  Ten-Zil Kem gets implanted with mind control worms.

Twentieth Session – Lambert Fulson is hospitalized again; the rest of us fight cyborg apes and sponsor a Christmas concert by the station orphans for the people of High Mojave, Mantebron.  And we weed out the mind-worm-bearing people on the station (except for the ones CIB agent Rokk Tressor hides for his own nefarious ends).

Twenty-first Session – Lambert Fulson is hospitalized again (yes again); the weren security chief is tortured by a mafia hit-boy who turns out to be the long lost son of our pet irate auditor, and the hit-boy’s hit-butler just about punches Ten-Zil Kem’s ticket to permanent hypersleep.  Captain Takashi talks everyone into love and fellowship.

I haven’t had much time to post much on the blog lately – basically, besides life being busy, my gaming time is all used up playing in this campaign and running my Pathfinder Pirates campaign!  To which I say “Mmmwah hah, hah hah haaa.”

Now off to update my characters…

[Edit: Apparently I missed posting one between 18 and 19, so instead of two session summaries you’re getting three!  Enjoy.  The first one wasn’t very well fleshed out or formatted though.]

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