Would Someone Just Please Shoot Jim Shipman In the Head And Get It All Over With?

That’s right.  I’m officially green-lighting a hit on Jim Shipman.  Apparently he’s back AGAIN and plying his illegal wares.  Yes, AGAIN, this isn’t a repeat from:

This is a sad statement on our modern legal system.  With stuff like this, it’s impossible to decently prove criminal charges, and you need money and time and gumption and standing to pursue civil action (which he’d just ignore anyway and leave a shell company to collapse).  Yay, if you’re a company you can get away with anything.  Can’t we put one of those annoying IP rights organizations to work?  Hey, RIAA, you could get some GOOD press for once by suing this dickhead into the Stone Age.

And don’t these Internet sites keep any records?  He’s been reported and his store pulled from Amazon and Lulu and all that multiple times now.  Come on guys.

Anyway, if you are near Lawrenceville, IL, you know what to do.  You don’t even really have to kill him – if ten strangers showed up and just kicked his ass really good then maybe he’d just go get a job at Denny’s or something instead of continuing to pollute our hobby.

7 responses to “Would Someone Just Please Shoot Jim Shipman In the Head And Get It All Over With?

  1. It’s just bizarre. RPGs aren’t that lucrative a business. So you really have to love it to invest any amount of time. There are plenty of easier industries to make money via scamming. How can you love the hobby enough to do that, but not respect it enough to pull the kind of crap he has?

  2. While I don’t agree to putting a hit out him, I would suggest as SUPERIOR ass kicking for him. I think the funny part is the more he does this, the more he sets himself up for the LARGE ass raping in the end. Every crook think he is a mastermind when they are committing the crime but like all thing like this, it will end badly…for him.

  3. Murder seems an extreme reaction even to intellectual property theft. Better to educate people so they know better, then his business dries up.

  4. I’m not so sure this guy even sees himself as “the good guy”. I think he genuinely enjoys the idea of being a “criminal mastermind”. He just doesn’t realize the world thinks he’s a fucking moron.

  5. We have 6 chapters within an hour’s driving distance…

  6. I don’t agree to putting a hit on him either…. if this is the same guy? The domain name is up for sale again!! I have a Jim Shipman that’s a former Father in Law and he’s always on his computer.

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