Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Double Session Summary (17 and 18) Posted

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Sessions (14 page pdf) – “Fleeing Riddleport” and “Beyond the Towers” – In this special double summary, the PCs flee Riddleport with shadows, gendarmes, and half-orc enforcers on their heels.  Samaritha suddenly comes out with a whole bunch of information about how they need to go to an ancient ruin deep inland in Varisia called Viperwall.  They are suspicious, but go anyway.  The trip is pleasant, and an old voodoo mambo living in the swamp gives them some aid.  Then, it’s into the ancient trap-infested ruins of a lost culture!


Sadly, Session Seventeen’s original writeup was lost in an untoward laptop OS reinstall incident.  We put it back together as best as we could, but of course it is a bit more brief.  The PCs fled Riddleport after discovering all the crime lords voted to have them whacked.  The group disagreed as to how guilty Saul was in all this.  Some felt that he had betrayed them and should die; others felt that he was stuck in a situation where he had no choice and did the best he could.

The trip, though reasonably uneventful, was fun.  There are two things that PCs can’t get enough of – shopping and goblins.  I had the new Adventurer’s Armory book and threw in some random weird stuff for them to find – naturally, they bought about everything.  I think their favorite was Sindawe’s purchase of a set of cold iron brass knuckles crudely engraved with “Elf Puncher” – ELFPU on one hand and NCHER on the other.

I don’t let PCs buy just anything they want; common equipment is readily available but if you’re looking for people to have unusual stuff (especially magic) “on hand” then there’s a lot of random chance involved.  You can commission things, if you plan to be around and not be dead or in jail in a week or so, which is a sadly uncommon state for player characters.

They then had a pretty calm trip upriver. So calm that they were getting a little stir crazy, when a batch of goblins appeared.  They were all stuffed into a washtub they were using as a boat to tow a bloated cow corpse somewhere.  There was a fire going in the tub for unspecified reasons.  This captured the PCs’ imagination like no one’s business, and they ended up betting on who could shoot the most goblins.  There was zero danger in this encounter; goblins are incompetent in general and they only had a couple bows between the lot of them.  Good old redneck style fun.

Everyone really enjoyed the session.  I find that to often be the case – shopping and travel and the other “mundane” parts of life bring out the role-playing and world immersion in folks, and they really get into it.  It never fails to surprise me, but in previous campaigns as well I’ve had PCs have a great time going through bazaars and shops finding random stuff to buy.  It’s a popular recreation in real life too, I reckon.


I had a little fun with this one.  After the previous session, I remembered the other thing besides shopping and goblin abuse that groups always love – and that’s hating gnomes.  Nilbog the trapper is the typical crazy gnome, and I borrowed liberally from various movies to spice it up.

Nilbog’s Trapper Song was taken from the awesome Cannibal: The Musical (Trey Parker’s first feature length film).  Watch it to get the full experience!  (I replaced “Eskimo” with “Wendigo” to make it more Golarion friendly but otherwise it was usable as written!)

And his crazed raccoon and trunk full of rabbits in his boat was taken from another great movie, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges).  Start watching about 4 minutes in:

And to be honest some of this adventure was inspired by the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog.”  The voodoo mambo who was living in the boat in the tree was inspired by Mama Odie,

and Glapion is inspired by Doctor Faciler (at least in part).

As you can see, the cinematic inspirations you use can be pretty far flung…

More next time!

2 responses to “Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Double Session Summary (17 and 18) Posted

  1. I have to ask. How do you identify a cat as Manx just from the head? Serpent must be quite the biologist!

    • Yeah, he wanted to know “what kind of cat” and rolled about 30 on Knowledge: Nature. 30 is the magic DC where I just give up any info I have and if I don’t have it I make it up (as in this case).

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