Google Wave Dead

Worth of mention here since I know a lot of RPG folks use it – but Google Wave has been end-of-lifed.  Read about it here.  Sorry guys.  You have through the end of the year.

That’s pretty hardcore – Google lets a lot of marginal junk twiddle around out there, they seldom actually kill something off, but there you go.  They talk about the decision on the official Google blog.

How many of you were using Wave?  What made it better than a Google group, blog, or something like Obsidian Portal?  Will you miss it?

6 responses to “Google Wave Dead

  1. We tried it when it first launched, then discontinued the use of it for our PBeM until it could prove itself to be more stable. About a month ago, we started up again – just in time to get annoyed by this announcement.

    I find it is great for OOC posts, and once a specific posting style is adopted it makes things very easy to follow. It marginally allows for a near-chat interface, so when all players have time, the game can ostensibly go ahead in real-time.

    Issues that I have had are with most of the collaborative and imaging tools not actually being stable with other gadgets, or persistent – thereby being fairly useless at present.

    I liked it enough to miss it, but not so much that I will be annoyed to go back to e-mail for my PBeMs.

  2. I can’t say I’m surprised. I got an invite about a year ago, but couldn’t figure out what to do with Wave, so it’s been ignored for months.

    So, I suppose I’m one of those people Urs Hölzle talks about when he mentions “user adoption”. That said, they didn’t make it easy to get involved, with that silly invite system.

  3. Richard Ely-Haris

    I applied for Google Wave on several occasions but was never permitted to use it so I am not suprised that the take up is low!

  4. Yeah, I have to say that the combination of deliberately gating access and then measuring its popularity at the same time is somewhat flawed. I think they’re spoiled by stuff like gmail that spreads like wildfire regardless of what bars you put in the way. It is strange to kill this and not the “even worse” stuff they have lying around… Ah well.

  5. I tried to write a bot for it and never got anything beyond the quick start tutorial going. Very frustrating. And when I tried to use it to talk to other people they didn’t check their Waves and Google took forever to introduce email alerts. And I needed it to work on the iPhone. Oh well. I won’t miss it.

  6. The concept is really great and I seriously considered using it for out of game discussion/roleplay in my current campaign. My main problem was the same as what Alex mentioned with people not checking their Waves. Heck, I have a hard enough time getting my players to check Obsidian Portal once a week or more to see new content for the campaign (sandbox style).

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