Ten Interesting Facts About The Reavers

Our year-long Pathfinder campaign, Reavers on the Seas of Fate, has seen some extremely good and entertaining character development on the part of the PCs.  Here’s ten facts you may not have gleaned about our “heroes” from the session summaries!  (Check the Characters page for pics, character sheets, and background writeups on the Reavers if you need a refresher).

1.  Sindawe is continually referred to as “Sindawe Woman-killer” by the rest of the group because of his penchant for viciously taking out female opponents.

2.  Everyone’s a little uncomfortable around Tommy since he enthusiastically tortured Jesswin the assassin in “Holiday In The Sun.”  “Watch your nipples, boys!” they say when they see him coming.

3.  Saul Vancaskerkin always slaps Sindawe on the cheek in a “Goodfellas”-esque gesture of fondness.  He hates that.

4.  Serpent has a crazy awesome animal companion, Saluthra the Large constrictor.  But he’s been a good sport about me balancing it by requiring him to take the time to command it – it doesn’t just leap into combat and kill opponents like it’s a mini-PC.  Plus, it has such a low INT, sometimes when it gets something tasty in its coils it just can’t resist eating it rather than participating further in the fight.

5.  They really hate the Splithog Pauper more than anyone (even the villains) and really love Thalios Dondrel more than anyone (even their girlfriends).

6.  Wogan has no skill in Knowledge: Religion, but since he’s the cleric they are continuously looking to him to explain the religious significance of random stuff they come across, with hilarious results.

7.  Pretty much every time they talk to Samaritha now, they just ask her “So when are you going to betray us?  Just get it over with!”  Her semi-boyfriend, Serpent, doesn’t even stick up for her.  It’s sad really.

8.  The rest of the party often does “Wogan impressions” that involve stamping around, kicking up their heels, and firing guns into the air like Yosemite Sam.

9.  Ever since Sindawe slept with cadaverous Amalinda Staufen in “Mansion of Shadows,” whenever they come across skeletons or whatnot Serpent asks him if he’s “feeling horny.”

10.  For some reason, one of the items the PCs always want to loot is inn signs.  They’re heavy and not worth anything, but they just WANT THEM for some undefined reason.

3 responses to “Ten Interesting Facts About The Reavers

  1. #10 explained – Its nice to have souvenirs from places the PCs have visited. In this case we’re trying to gather them from inns, taverns, bars, and ships the PCs helped destroy. Too bad these places don’t sell t-shirts!

    #7 explained: Sindawe doesn’t care if Samaritha is furthering a villainous plot; he just wants a paycheck rather than getting duped.

    #6: Yeah, we have a lot of fun with Wogan’s zero rank in Religion. And he’s a good sport about it too.

    #5 explained: Yeah, that guy really bugs us. We had him dead to rights but choose to let him live in return for his secret treasure stash and agreeing to never come back to the city. Naturally, he came back. And the secret treasure stash was in his peg leg!

    #3 update: Yes, Sindawe is hopeful that he’ll have an excuse to kill Saul. Actually, I think most the party doesn’t need an excuse at this point.

    #2: Kevin (aka Tommy) was indulging in a little well-deserved vicarious torture while interrogating Jesswin. Given the situation none of the other PCs felt the need to intervene. And to Kevin’s credit he didn’t make a big deal about leading up to it; he waited until it was just him and Jesswin then he cut loose. Too many players want to pull fingernails in front of other PCs and then get defensive when those PCs don’t want to just let it happen.

    #1: Yeah, Sindawe’s poor luck with the dice tends to improve dramatically when he’s fighting women. I guess its that wife-beater t-shirt he wears.

  2. Oh but Chris, y’all want to kill *everyone*! Samaritha, Hatshepsut, Saul, Bojask, the Splithog Pauper, Jaren the Jinx… No one has said out loud they want to kill Thalios Dondrel yet but it’s just a matter of time. But that’s OK, “hating everyone” is a good reason to take up the pirate’s life!

  3. True, we want to kill “everyone”, “everyone” being those exceptional NPCs who insist on inconveniencing the PCs by lying, stealing, or being a spaz. Occasionally, we want to kill them for their nice stuff. 8)

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