Indie Games as a Sub-Game?

I have a soft spot for indie games.  They have cool ideas.  But often those cool ideas are more one-shot-worthy, and aren’t really full of enough stuff to maintain a campaign.

But what about using one as a kind of minigame within an existing campaign?  I was actually thinking about this recently. I was wanting to beef up rules concerning relationships in my Pathfinder campaign, and I know a variety of indie games have strong stuff there, so I asked on RPG Stack Exchange about if there were any good mechanics I could steal to use in it (I had the ones from the dead in mind).

I just bought a copy of Blowback, an indie RPG designed to model the TV show Burn Notice.  My gaming group talked about doing a one shot of it but it would interfere with our Alternity campaign.

But then I was surfing forums for entertainment and found this post on storygames from someone who used an indie game, Hell 4 Leather, as an adjunct to his D&D campaign.  I started thinking.  You know, a lot of the subplots we’re doing with the “B Team” characters in the Alternity campaign are kinda similar to Burn Notice.  In the main plot, our military characters are fending off an alien war fleet, but our secondary characters tend to be “helping the NPC of the week.” Would it make sense to use Blowback for that part of the game?  It’s somewhat attractive to me – thirty sessions of Alternity rules have gotten a little stale and they don’t support some activities well.

I’m not the GM for that campaign so it probably won’t happen, but it’s an interesting thing to think about.  Has anyone done something like that?


4 responses to “Indie Games as a Sub-Game?

  1. One weekend half our 4e group was gone, so I ran a sidequest for everyone else. I didn’t have much time to prepare so I ran it with Wushu rules up until the final encounter, when we switched back to 4e. Most of the group absolutely loved it. And when they were back in 4e, they still kept up the awesome descriptions they’d been using in Wushu.

    • Nice! I ran a one shot of Feng Shui before I ran a campaign for my current gaming group to get them in the more freewheeling mode too (when I joined they were in the midst of a long GURPS binge).

  2. I used a hack of The Shab Al-Hiri-game in my old Nephilim-campaign once to handle the a fugitive hunt through the streets of Paris and once to handle a use climatic scene with tons of NPC’s (which were in part played by the players). In my D&D-campaign I used a Opera-game in one session, where the PC’s went to the opera and we played the opera.
    I often add rules and ideas from various indie-games to my regular D&D and Call of Cthulhu-games:

  3. Oh wow, I’d like to play this one

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