Open Design Freeport Adventures for Pathfinder!

Awesome news courtesy of Game Knight Reviews – Open Design is doing a patron project for Pathfinder called “Dark Deeds in Freeport,” set of course in Green Ronin’s famous pirate city of Freeport.  The Open Design site says:

“Using the Freeport Companion: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition as a resource, patrons of Dark Deeds in Freeport will work with Wolfgang Baur, Chris Pramas, and lead designer Michael Furlanetto to create six adventures that blend swashbuckling adventure with supernatural horror in the Freeport tradition.”

You can pay to be a patron here!  As I’m running a long term pirate Pathfinder campaign using a lot of the Freeport material, this is like the perfect product for me.  Usually I don’t believe in paying up front with the patronage model – I’ll buy it after it’s finished and I see reviews.  But this actually makes me want to participate in the process, so I’m signing up!

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