Publish Your Own RPG Magazine

Came across this cool new offering from HP – it’s called MagCloud, and basically it’s like Lulu for magazines.  You design the magazine, upload a PDF, they send you a proof, and then you set the price!  They charge 20 cents a page and anything above that goes to you; they handle printing, fulfillment, etc. and send your cut back to you via PayPal.

This would be great for zines like Wayfinder for Pathfinder where they’re high quality but PDF only – this lets you give people the option of print without any out of pocket expense or risk!  So FYI, PDF publishers… Give me a print option.  I never use PDF at the table and even reading it, if it’s more than about 6 pages, is annoying.  Sure, the price is somewhat steep, but it is vanity press, and you’re not paying it – it’s an option for those that want to.

7 responses to “Publish Your Own RPG Magazine

  1. Calling it a Vanity Press is rather insulting.

    Steve Russell
    Rite Publishing

  2. I like the idea and concept, but the price is TOO high. At 10 cents a page it make it a little more business viable and friendly.

  3. Why not just use in the first place? It seems to work for magazines like Fight On! and Knockspell…

  4. Oh, hey, there’s an RPG up there already, “Five by Five.”
    24 pages, $5.95 + $1.56 shipping. Not bad. I’ll note that minus the shipping, that’s about the price LPJ PDFs are going for at a similar page count. I know it’s less attractive to a publisher because it’s much less profit, but it’s much more attractive to me because I really just don’t use PDFs in game much.

  5. Vanity Press: “a publishing house that publishes books at the author’s expense.” I have many authors who don’t pay me a dime to publish there book, I pay them to write the book. And I don’t pay lulu a dime either to publish my book, the customer pays lulu to print the book.

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