Mongoose State of the Union

As usual, each year Mongoose Publishing has put out their “State of the Mongoose” address where they go really in depth with what happened the previous year and what’s coming up the next year.

It’s interesting, and pretty upbeat given that their advice to others is that this might not be the year to start your own RPG company because of the slump in sales.

Mongoose went through some difficulties but are still doing well, which is good to see…  At 10 full time staff, they’re one of the biggest RPG companies!  Kudos to them for being transparent and posting detailed reports like this, it gives us all a look inside the state of the industry beyond just them.

They are also looking into branching out from RPGs into other stuff (minis, board games). That worries me, because many of the other companies that have done that, including industry stalwarts like Steve Jackson Games and Atlas Games, have sharply, sharply curtailed their RPG lines in favor of the tasty board and card game money.  SJG puts out occasional GURPS e-releases and Atlas publishes an Ars Magica book once in a while but besides that, they’re not bothering to innovate in the RPG space.

4 responses to “Mongoose State of the Union

  1. I think a LOT of comapnies think board games are going to be their business savior. With that many of them don’t realize that they board game market is now developing a bubble that is going to burst, very soon by many retailers accounting. Just something to think about…

  2. I don’t think one to four products a month (not counting PDF versions of out-of-print books) constitutes “occasional” e-releases. I’ve just resigned myself to GURPS being a PDF line with occasional hardcopy support. Given how much product they’ve produced in the last year, it seems to be a viable model.

    • I must be missing some of the products.

      • Well, I *am* counting the monthly Pyramid issues. Even ignoring Pyramid, they had a new Supporting Cast this week, the Crusades supplement last week, and the first Low-Tech Companion two weeks before that. I think they’re shooting for the next Low-Tech Companion to come out around the time the hardcopy hits stores, which should be before Christmas, since the playtesters have apparently already gotten their comp copies.

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