Full Golarion Map

I was looking around on the Paizo site and apparently there’s a full world map of Golarion in the new Campaign Setting, and they have an image of it posted!  That’ll come in handy for me as the PCs in my Reavers campaign get a ship and head out on the high seas for some piracy.  I love Golarion – I was a long time Greyhawk devotee, favoring it over the Forgotten Realms and other settings (I’d experiment with the others, but always returned to GH) but Golarion has supplanted that for me – it’s a fun, deep, brilliant world that both grounds you but also is easy for a DM to make their own.

3 responses to “Full Golarion Map

  1. I could not agree more about Golarion.

  2. I too am a huge Greyhawk fan. Most of the campaigns in which I played a character were most always set in Forgotten Realms, but when I was DM, I stuck with Greyhawk as it was not too overdone with supplements and sourcebooks. Allowed for morer creative freedom. So far I really like the Golarion setting and Ernest really makes it his own with our Reavers campaign. I am not buying much source material so I can keep player knowledge at a minimum and be as surprised and excited as my character (Tommy) when new events unfold.

    • Well and that’s probably for the best because I refuse to be held to “canon” for any world… Just knowing the basics in any of the players’ guides about the main gods and whatnot is more than sufficient. The thing I didn’t like about the Forgotten Realms was how much detail was put in along with metaplot stuff you were supposed to regard as canon (at least according to fanboys). I liked how Greyhawk was a lot lighter, there were country descriptions and god descriptions but if in your campaign Rary was the new head of the Horned Society that was regarded as your right…

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