D&D on TV: Community

If you missed the D&D-themed episode of Community on NBC, the whole episode is online. It’s mighty funny.

Best parts:

  • The Chinese guy done up as a drow
  • The hot crazy chick proclaiming for gnome’s rights (we had a hot crazy chick who was all about monster’s rights in our epic campaign back in Memphis)
  • Chevy Chase (in general)
  • “Huzzah!!!  Is that right?”
  • The chick playing “Hector the Well Endowed” seducing the elf maiden while the other folks take notes
  • “I won Dungeons & Dragons!  And it was advanced!”

I thought it was interesting that it was pretty true to D&D.  The DM did all the rolling, like Zak with the “D&D with Porn Stars” group, which is mildly unusual but good for novices and more freeform older ed play where  you don’t have to roll 10 dice a round.

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