Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Two, Sixth Session

Sixth Session (10 page pdf) – “Race for the Devil” – Elias Tammerhawk’s ship has been sighted at the Devil’s Elbow, and a pirate crew has retrieved some interesting artifacts from the site. Everyone wants to get there, but Riddleport’s mighty short on boats. The PCs decide to gamble on a one way ticket – but a one way ticket to where?

This time, we get started on the second chapter in the Second Darkness adventure path, Children of the Void, or at least my heavily modded version of it. Beware spoilers.

Like many sessions kicking off a new plot arc, this one was mostly wandering around in town – information gathering, buying and selling, talking to NPCs. Serpent went and talked to Fenella Bromathan, new Speaker of the Order of Cyphers. He noticed her a while back, and her super pale skin and dark hair is the same kind of odd coloration that he has – and he doesn’t know his mother, who he suspects was a witch or fey from Irrisen. He can’t find a good way of coming out and asking her about it, though.

Then the race was on to Devil’s Elbow. The PCs were bound and determined to get out there ASAP, and after the dwarves left heading that direction and Morgan Baumann (who Freeport fans will recognize) turned them down, they decided “what the hell” – they used Wogan’s swan boat feather token to head out there even though they would have no way back, reasoning that they’d be able to beg, borrow, or steal a ship once they reached the island.

And that plan would have worked, except that Mama Watanna was angry. The water goddess had made love to Sindawe and blessed him, contingent on him being faithful to her – but then last time, he and Hatshepsut made love. She often sends an orca to watch over Sindawe on his travels – and lo and behold, once they’re two-thirds of the way to the island, I roll a random encounter of 5 orcas. That’s fate right there, so I knew those orca were Mama Watanna payback. They attacked the ship and managed to breach its hull – the party probably could have killed them all, but Sindawe allowed himself to be carried off by one of the killer whales. Hatshepsut refused to let him go gently into that good night, and clung to the back of the beast as they dove into the ocean depths.  I figured that was good enough to summon the goddess herself. He had to spend an Infamy Point to convince Mama Watanna that he wasn’t really cheating on her because Hatshepsut is, like, basically one of her priestesses. In earlier sessions, before I knew whether Sindawe and Hatshepsut would fall for each other, I had considered whether Mama would possess her to be with Sindawe because she is about the closest thing Avistan has to a proper mambo, so this wasn’t totally off base.

In the end, most of the party was left clinging to a rock in the middle of the sea, thinking that the two monks might be lost, while Sindawe was really having more goddess/Hatshepsut sex deep underwater.

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