Razor Coast Coming From LPJ Design?

[Edit: Never mind, this was an especially douchebaggy April Fool’s joke by Louis Porter. But he’s apologized for the lapse in judgement, so water under the bridge.]

If you haven’t been keeping up, Nick Logue’s Sinister Adventures was working up a mega pirate adventure called Razor Coast that had great potential. Preorders were taken. Nick kept dropping the ball, and Lou Agresta picked it up and whipped the manuscript into shape.  I was one of the two volunteer proofers on the project, and I really believe in the product.

But then Lou (and we!) delivered the product back to Nick, and it continued to languish, and finally the Sinister Web site went down for the last time. All seemed lost.

But in Louis Porter Jr’s latest blog post, he hints with his trademark subtlety (which is to say, not at all subtly) that he’s involved in it somehow and will be bringing it to market! That would be amazing. I’m glad it worked out, he did kinda bust Logue’s balls a couple times about the whole fiasco, I’m glad Nick saw that it was justified instead of backing away.

Razor Coast should be amazing – and I’ve read it! I hope it got a little cleaning up since the last version I saw, but it’ll definitely be many, many sessions of gaming goodness for those who partake, if it is finally going to see the light of day.

10 responses to “Razor Coast Coming From LPJ Design?

  1. Dude, I hate to say it, but I think this is an April Fool’s joke. Don’t give up hope. I’ll be in touch with Nick.
    – Lou

  2. You mean an announcement on April 1st (April Fool’s day?)

  3. This had better not be an April Fool’s joke. Completely tasteless and unfunny.

    LPJ is going to garner more ill-will than they already have if they pull a stunt like this.

  4. Doh, I guess I fell for it if it is an April Fool’s joke. Alas. If it is, I’m gonna be a little pissed off.

  5. Well, it’s a joke after all and quite a few people seem rather upset about it. I can certainly understand why.

  6. I certainty don’t understand why anyone would be upset over an april fool’s joke especially such an obvious one.

  7. Jeff/ carborundum

    An April Fool article to me is an improbable, preferably ludicrous piece that possibly galvanizes a few trolls or gullible folks. It may also play to fears that are already overblown (nanodust in new Lego box small enough to enter child’s DNA and cause mutations in the form of Lego logo on their skin).

    It’s cheap and crass to raise expectations of an earnest and dedicated group of fans just to laugh at their expense. If he’d said “LPJ options Razor Coast film on the condition that Louis can play a flying blue whale avatar of Graz’zt” I’d have laughed along with the rest. The cougar thing without the sinister razor-sharp allusions – that would be great too. Bring on the Cougar Town campaign setting!

    This crossed my line, and to me was not funny.

  8. LPJ put out a hearfelt apology for it today. So ok, it was definitely poor judgement, but I’m willing to let it slide. Most industry guys that do something cockknockery never honestly and personally apologize, so you gotta respect that. (Added link in the article)

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