Alternity: The Community

Is Alternity a dead game?  Well, of course WotC isn’t publishing it any more, and you can’t even buy the PDFs because of them being huge ol’ bitches.  But between Half Price Books, ebay, and bittorrent, you can get your hands on the materials OK, and there’s still communities out there actively supporting it!

The big one is, or “A.Net” for short.  They host a bunch of great downloads and have some reasonably active forums. If you’re interested in Alternity it’s the place to go.

There’s a lot of fan content too – most notably the two major Alternity e-zines, Action Check and Last Resort! Action Check had folks like Neil Spicer work on it, but stopped in 2002; Last Resort last published in 2009, but you can still download all the extant issues of both.

Action Check E-Zine (16 Issues!)

Last Resort E-Zine

And then there’s the massive Resources list at, with metric tons of player contributed goodness!

There used to be an Alternity mailing list but Wizards discontinued it way long ago.  If you know of a pocket of Alternity goodness out there, let me know!

3 responses to “Alternity: The Community

  1. Last Resort is not defunct. The pace has definitely slowed down between issues. Good Ole No. 7 will be quite thick, and it already has many interesting bits, pics and stories at least as good as the previous editions. This one may even be a bit heavy on starships. It will be released soon when the staff is ready.
    Yea, I agree, Alternity is simply great, and Stardrive is simply one of my favorite RPG settings. I really like the dice mechanic and the levels of success it provides for the characters. The amount and quality of the custom uploaded material on A-net is phenomenal as well.

  2. These articles sparked my interests to play Alternity big time. Great work!

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